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The Carriage Association issued a notice for the launch of key new cars in December, and the M9 will launch a dual version of pure electric extended range.

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Thanks to netizens West window past, Snailwang clue delivery! news on December 7, the Federation today issued a preview of the launch of key new cars in December 2023. The four new cars that will be launched this month are all new energy models, namely BYD L, ID.7 VIZZION, M9 and STERRA ES., the ▲ graphic source association, has been informed that BYD L will be officially launched on December 15. The new car locates a medium-sized SUV. Based on e-platform 3.0.

The car has a low body posture on the side of the body, and the downward roof lines make the rear part of the car look very compact. A large number of sports materials are used in the car, which has a strong visual impact. at the same time, the new car also introduces frameless doors. Equipped with a 10.25inch full LCD dashboard, the 15.6inch central control screen is still the classic style of BYD, and the new car adds a 50-inch AR-HUD.

ID.7 VIZZION, the ▲ map source association, will be officially available on December 15. The new car is located in a medium-sized sedan. The headlights of the new car adopt IQ.Light technology, and the 18 far-light LED headlights in the 900lumen matrix LED headlights can be controlled independently, and the light and shade can be adjusted automatically according to the sensor information.

The interior styling of this car also follows the current trend, equipped with AR-HUD look-up display, which can project the basic form information of the vehicle, navigation, early warning, driving assistance information and so on. In the central control position, it is equipped with a 2K display screen of up to 15 inches. In terms of driving assistance system, the car will be equipped with Travel Assist 3.0. the driver can turn the driving assistance function on / off through the shortcut button on the left side of the steering wheel.

The M9 will be officially launched on December 26 by the ▲ Map Source multiplication Association. The new car is located in a large SUV. Equipped with rear wheel follow-up steering, digital headlights, 800V fast charging, Hongmeng 4.0cockpit, Huawei ADS advanced autopilot assistance, co-pilot independent entertainment screen, rear auroral projection, co-driver queen seat and so on.

The power of the M9 will be extended range and pure electricity, and will be displayed differently in front of the vehicle. Previously, officials have declared pure electric models, with rated power of drive motors of 62kW and 88kW and peak power of 160kW and 230kW, respectively.

▲ map source Xingtuxing era STERRA ES will be officially available in December. The new car is located in a medium and large car. The new car uses through-type headlamp design, under the headlights using a feather-wing lamp group, two ISD intelligent interactive lights can show a variety of lights.

The car is equipped with a lidar on the front forehead, indicating that the new car will be equipped with a high-order self-driving assistance system. The interior design language of "qu Shui Liu Yun" is used to build the iFLYTEK spark cognitive model for the first time. The 2.5K central control screen in the integrated encircling cockpit is 15.6in in size, with a brand new scene interface design, 8155 software and hardware platform, equipped with Lion Melody sound system, equipped with 23 loudspeakers to support panoramic sound effects, and the main headrest loudspeaker can realize the use experience of three different application scenarios, namely, full vehicle mode, driving mode and private mode.

▲ graph source multiplication association

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