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NIO Day 2023 is scheduled to be held in Xi'an on December 23.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 6, NIO Day Weifui, is the annual gathering of Weilai and users. NIO Day 2023, with the theme of "up", is scheduled to be held in Xi'an Olympic Sports Center on December 23.

NIO Day 2023 is now registering on Weilai's official Mini Program. The event will announce news of some follow-up products and routes, and will follow up the relevant information as soon as December 23.

Chinese electric carmaker Lailai plans to spin off its battery manufacturing division as part of its efforts to make money, reduce costs and improve efficiency, according to two people familiar with the matter, Reuters reported. If the revelations are true, they are expected to be released in NIO Day 2023.

Since 2017, NIO Day has held six sessions, and has attached the main release content of each session:

2017: the first NIO Day, held in Beijing, launched the first model, the flagship SUV ES8, as well as NIO Pilot driving assist system, NOMI vehicle "artificial intelligence" system, and power service system NIO Power.

2018: held in Shanghai, the launch of a new model-- medium-sized SUV ES6, as well as the flagship SUV ES8 six-seater version

2019: Shenzhen held the launch of the flagship SUV ES8 modified model, as well as a brand new model, the sedan SUV EC6.

2020: held in Chengdu, the launch of a new model-flagship car ET7, as well as the second generation power station, 150kWh solid state battery (as of press time has not yet delivered), Xilai full stack of intelligent driving technology NAD

2021: Suzhou held the launch of a brand new model, the medium-sized car ET5, and two DC charging piles, 7kW and 11kW.

2022: Hefei launched two new models-medium and large sedan SUV EC7, flagship SUV new generation ES8, and third generation power station

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