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It is reported that most OpenAI employees do not want to work for Microsoft because it is difficult to generate interest and their pay is shrinking

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Shulou( Report--, December 8, according to Business Insider local time on Thursday, several current and former employees of OpenAI revealed that most employees were "not really interested" in working for Microsoft and agreed to join Microsoft only to bring Altman back to CEO.

A current employee of OpenAI frankly said that although almost all employees signed an open letter during that time to follow Altman to leave the company, "but no one wants to go to Microsoft." He also said that Microsoft is the "largest and slowest" of all the large technology companies.

The employee of Tuyuan Pixabay admitted that many OpenAI employees were "under pressure" to sign the open letter because they were not interested in joining Microsoft.

We leave these big companies in order to develop rapidly and create exciting things. But the bureaucracy of a big company like Microsoft makes people nervous.

In addition to the above factors, there is another important factor-compensation, which affects the motivation of OpenAI employees. It is reported that OpenAI's basic salary usually starts at $300000 ( Note: currently about 2.148 million yuan), and employees can get equity worth $2 million (currently about 14.32 million yuan) within four years, and some employees are paid even more.

Although Microsoft agreed to hire all OpenAI employees at the same salary level, it was only a verbal agreement and was not legally binding. One employee also believes that Microsoft is unlikely to pay former employees the equity they would have lost when they joined the tech giant.

In addition, an offer for employees to sell existing vested shares to outside investors will be cancelled. Another OpenAI employee said the stakes would become "worthless".

Some Microsoft insiders revealed that the company believes that hiring former employees of OpenAI is a "last resort." OpenAI declined to comment, and Microsoft did not respond to a request for comment. had previously reported that nearly 734 OpenAI employees signed up and threatened to leave during the turmoil at the top of OpenAI last month.

Employees demanded the resignation of the board, the return of Sam Altman as chief executive and the return of co-founder and former president Greg Brockman. Since OpenAI employs 770 people, the proportion has exceeded 95%.

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