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China Railway Express cooperates with Didi Freight, railway + highway "door-to-door" delivery

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Shulou( Report--, December 8, according to the official news of China Railway Express, since October this year, China Railway Express Co., Ltd. and Didi Freight have carried out distribution pilot cooperation in Chengdu, actively promoting the coordinated development of railway trunk line transport and urban distribution resources to provide people with "door-to-door" express services. During the cooperative trial run, the just-in-time delivery rate was increased by 10%, users complained, and the pilot cooperation was a phased success.

According to reports, China Railway Express is the main operator of China's high-speed rail express and parcel express, with a service network covering most cities and counties across the country, and a trunk railway network extending in all directions.

"this cooperation Didi freight transport uniformly adopts new energy truck distribution, and railway transport itself is a low-carbon transport mode. The combination of the two sides to truly realize the whole process of electric transportation of trunk line transport and terminal distribution is an excellent case of low-carbon practice of railway-public intermodal transport." Yang Bo, deputy general manager of Didi Freight, said.

China Railway Express said that based on the experience of the pilot cooperation in Chengdu, China Railway Express and Didi will continue to expand the scope of cooperation in the future and explore cooperation opportunities in more cities and more services.

According to previous reports by, China Railway Express launched the "express delivery of high-speed rail" on May 22. after three network expansion, the number of service cities has expanded from 40 to 141, covering (except Xizang Autonomous region and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) provincial capitals, municipalities directly under the Central Government and major cities, with an average daily volume of more than 100. As of September 7, more than 7000 orders had been processed.

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