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In the name of the book, let love deliver, excellent data launched a book fundraising campaign

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In October this year, the Qingdao Red Cross Rose "Collection of Love Books" public welfare project issued an initiative to all sectors of the community, calling on primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Qingdao to donate idle extracurricular books to children in remote mountainous areas. Youchuang data responded positively and launched a week-long book raising campaign within the company through the company's internal public welfare organization ReSource Pro Cares. It received loving donations from 195 colleagues and raised 1838 books. Provide books for children in need, let idle books flow, and provide a small window for children to understand the world.

Books are the ladder of human progress and the key to open the door of wisdom. However, in our lives, there are still children in some areas who are eager for knowledge but are unable to access more books because of lack of resources. The establishment of Qingdao Red Cross Rose "Collection of Love Books" helps the construction of rural primary school libraries, enriches extracurricular reading resources of students in remote mountain areas, and cultivates students' interest in reading. Through the "Collection of Love Bookstore" project, let the campus be filled with the smell of books, let urban and rural students read a book together, convey love, strengthen communication, and open up a new world of children's dreams. The books raised by ReSource Pro Cares will donate books to primary schools and kindergartens that lack reading resources in Longnan, Sichuan, Shandong and other areas through Qingdao Red Cross Rose, and will also send some books to Qingdao Happiness House School Age support Center.

Qingdao Happiness House School Age support Center is the only professional autism fusion center in Qingdao. At present, dozens of autistic children who have been studying in ordinary primary and middle schools are trained here to help them better adapt to the study and life of ordinary schools. As a private organization, the school age support center of Qingdao Happiness House mainly derives its income from subsidies for autistic children by the disabled Federation and income from running normal children's kindergartens, but these funds are far from enough to meet the costly rehabilitation training needs of autistic children. In June 2023, Youchuang data has donated a batch of sports equipment to Happy Home and learned that children also have a need for books. Superior will donate the books collected to these children in need, hoping that they can broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge and improve their language skills through reading.

ReSource Pro Cares was formerly known as the Outstanding data Community Development Committee (COC). As a public welfare organization spontaneously organized by Superior data employees, ReSource Pro Cares always takes "volunteer activities to give back to society and make care more valuable" as its mission, has been committed to serving the community and warming others, and has been looking for caring and enthusiastic volunteers for public welfare activities. Over the past 15 years, ReSource Pro Cares has organized about 200 events, including, but not limited to, various bazaars, tree planting, recycling, visits to homes for the elderly, autistic children, donations to children from poor areas, clothing donation, city trekking, first aid training, etc. Trickle, can become a river and sea, at present, there are more than 7000 excellent data employees participated in ReSource Pro Cares volunteer activities, and carried out a total of tens of thousands of hours of public service.

All along, Youchuang data deeply integrates public welfare activities with corporate culture, actively assumes corporate responsibility and fulfills its social mission. Through the activities organized by ReSource Pro Cares, the company not only provides a broader stage for employees, but also helps the community solve some practical problems to a great extent, which is in line with the corporate vision of Youchuang data as a socially responsible company, and contains the bright expectations of Superior data for a bright tomorrow.

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