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The price of Apple Apple Music has gone up: 11 yuan per month for personal subscription and 17 yuan per month for household subscription.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Jyun4 for the clue delivery! news on December 8, Apple's official website shows that the subscription price of Apple Music country has been adjusted:

The price of student subscription is 6 yuan per month, up 1 yuan.

The price of personal subscription is 11 yuan per month, up 1 yuan.

The price of household subscription is 17 yuan per month, up 2 yuan.

According to screenshots shared by netizens, from January 7, 2024, Apple Music home users' subscriptions will be automatically renewed at a price of 17.00 yuan per month, unless users cancel their subscriptions at least one day in advance. noted that Apple announced price changes for its Apple Music and Apple TV + subscription services overseas as early as October 25.

Among them, the fee for the music platform has increased from $9.99 ( Note: currently about 72 yuan) to $10.99 per month (currently about 79 yuan), and the film and television platform has also increased from $4.99 (currently about 36 yuan) to $6.99 (currently about 50 yuan) per month. At present, the price increase in the national region has followed the overseas price adjustment.

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