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This time, the attitude on the "new" brand-new storage products, you are very "heart"!

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Shulou( Report--

Colorful life, every sparkle and beauty are worth recording. Just today, posture is new again! The only retail storage brand of Changjiang Storage has brought you two new memory card products: stateful PRO professional high-speed memory card (hereinafter referred to as "high-speed card") and posture Endurance highly durable memory card (hereinafter referred to as "durable card").

Posture PRO professional high-speed memory card your content creation "new partner"

Whether you are engaged in vlog creation or photography, as long as you are a content creator, you might as well make the highway card your "new partner" and do professional things together to make your work and life brighter.

"you record me", the high-speed card uses flash memory particles based on the Yangtze River memory stack ®Xtacking ®architecture, bringing the original quality. At the same time, through the compatibility test, it can be applied to cameras, drones, motion cameras, game handheld and other devices, plug and play, instantly record wonderful moments.

Professional is not just talk, high-speed card equipped with 64GB / 128GB / 256GB / 512GB a variety of capacity, a variety of options, carrying your inspiration. The highest sequential read and write speed of the high-speed card can reach 170MB/s and 120MB/s respectively, which can easily realize high-speed continuous shooting in RAW format and support full HD FHD or 4K video shooting. At the same time, you don't have to worry about data loss or file corruption caused by a sudden power outage. The innovative power-off protection mechanism built into the high-speed card can ensure data security in time. As for the quality assurance, adhering to the high standards and strict requirements of quality and service, the high-speed card provides a lifetime warranty after-sales service policy, you just shine, record me.

State-of-the-art Endurance highly durable memory card relieved to record every beautiful moment

Don't make do with the card. If you make the wrong choice, it is a small matter to waste money, and the loss of those hard-won moments will make people heartache and regret.

The durable card, like its name, is designed for writing intensive scenarios such as home monitoring or driving records, so that you don't have to worry about choosing a card and help you record every beautiful moment.

The durable card also uses flash memory particles based on the Yangtze River memory stack ®Xtacking ®architecture, with high-quality and high-durability design, uninterrupted video recording up to 60000 hours (256GB capacity), support for 7-24-hour recording, making persistent recording more secure. The innovative direct writing architecture ensures stable and smooth performance in the state of continuous writing, and is more friendly to continuous writing scenarios such as driving records and home monitoring.

In addition, the two memory cards have multiple protection designs, such as cold resistance, heat resistance, waterproof, shock resistance, shock resistance, fall resistance, static electricity protection, X-ray protection, 10K plug and pull and so on, to deal with various challenges calmly, record stably and efficiently, and protect data security.

To explore, to chase, to shine by you, to be beautiful by you, and to give the record to posture is enough.

Needless to say, the new ZhiTai memory card has been launched exclusively on the platform, going to the "posture (posture) Changjiang Storage self-operated flagship store" for immediate experience.

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