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Hesi Ma Chunquan: in the new era of expertise, enterprises should keep their professional points and continue to work hard.

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Recently, 36 krypton WISE2023 specializing in the new super krypton chain was successfully held in the Beijing International Convention Center. Ma Chunquan, founder and CEO of Hesi, was invited to discuss with other representatives of enterprises and investment institutions "how to be professional, skilled, special and innovative". In Ma Chunquan's view, "the next 10-20 years will be a new era of specialization, and specialization and new" specialization "is the key. Enterprises should keep their professional points and continue to work hard."

Yu Ting, director of B Impact, the new force of To B on the left; Ma Chunquan, founder and CEO of right Erhesi

In recent years, with the continuous rise of specialized and special new enterprises, it has become a general consensus to gradually increase the support of various policies and cultivate specialized and special new enterprises. But at the same time, specialized and special new enterprises also face a series of challenges in the level of specialization, development and innovation, which need more energy from the industrial chain resources.

As a leader in small and medium-sized enterprises, specialized and special new enterprises have the characteristics of high vitality and strong innovation, showing higher development toughness and growth momentum. Hesi won the title of "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing in 2021. This honor is fully recognized and highly affirmed by the management department that Hesi has always focused on technological innovation in the field of enterprise financial revenue and expenditure management in the past, and empowered the industry with excellent product performance.

At the scene of the conference, Ma Chunquan said, "with the popularity of electronic, digital and electronic invoices, the field of financial revenue and expenditure management ushered in rapid growth." This year, the Hesi product line has been extended to five strategic series: fee control, collection, payment, archives and BI. If a 'specialized and innovative' enterprise wants to grow into a long-term and sustainable profit-making company, it must first be able to calculate accounts and make decisions. After the whole process of income and expenditure management is digitized, Heshi provides a basis for decision-making and analysis for enterprise managers. Hesi will solve the big decision into an amoeba mechanism, and then dissolve it into a project, an order, a transaction. In such a differential way, the income and expenditure profit and loss holography of organizational finance can be displayed, and real-time data will be generated in the process of circulation to guide company operators to make decisions in real time, which will greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise management. "

In addition, how enterprises can better "make money" and "save money" is an important proposition in front of "specialized and innovative" enterprises, and even all enterprises. First of all, enterprise startups need to have the consciousness of accounting; the second is to promote organizational change, distribute the power in the business process, and then build up the benefit sharing under the power. Finally, the management concept and business ideas are implemented into the financial model and IT process by the person in charge of CFO and IT, and the management effect is achieved through the construction and application of the framework.

In the future, Hesi will continue to be customer-centered, give full play to its "specialized and innovative" enterprise characteristics, devote itself to the innovation of cloud products and services, and use digital technology and forward-looking ideas to serve future financial personnel. At the same time, through the construction of an agile financial revenue and expenditure management platform, enterprises can provide all-round financial digital services such as intelligent aggregate consumption, expense control reimbursement, receipt and payment management, financial revenue and expenditure operation analysis and electronic accounting files, so as to release people's creativity and help enterprises to achieve karma integration.

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