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With AI as the oar to break the waves, NetEase Zhi helps Chinese enterprises to enter the world stage.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 5, the annual sea event-GTC 2023 Global flow Conference was officially held in Shenzhen as scheduled.

GTC Global flow Conference has always been one of the professional exhibitions with the most complete cross-border industry chain, the richest resources and the largest scale, focusing on popular tracks such as games, pan-entertainment, cross-border e-commerce and technology going to sea, helping practitioners to complete their technology, marketing, financing and other resource needs with a more open and multi-yuan posture, and realizing 100 million-level docking of cross-border sea resources.

Also as a solid backing for overseas enterprises, NetEase smart enterprises happen to coincide with the goals of the conference. As a strategic partner of this conference, NetEase contracted three speeches and even set up a booth at the scene to carry out in-depth exchanges with enterprises aspiring to go to sea through various channels.

Jiang Xieyu, CMO of NetEase's intelligence company, brought you the theme of "helping to go to sea with AI".

Since the beginning of this year, based on the principle of "scene first and scene pull", NetEase Intelligence Enterprise has comprehensively landed AI in its four sub-businesses (NetEase Dun, NetEase Yunxin, NetEase Cloud Merchants and Game Industry Department), taking industry best practices as the cornerstone and continuously expanding the boundaries of industry scenes with AI technology.

With the increasing momentum of various industries going out to sea, NetEase intelligent enterprises are constantly internalizing their experience of serving customers into their products, so as to protect the way for more industry customers to go to sea. Around AI, NetEase provides technology infrastructure, service infrastructure and safety infrastructure to customers who are interested in going abroad.

At the technical level, through the self-development of a large-scale distributed transmission network, Yiyunxin provides low-latency and highly reliable transmission services for overseas enterprises to ensure a smooth experience in audio and video interaction scenarios, while applying AI technology in a more accurate and lightweight way to ensure that products are error-free and can be used smoothly for complex overseas terminal models and network environments.

At the service level, NetEase Cloud Merchants create an one-stop service marketing integration solution around customer service, customer relationship and customer insight, ensuring that in the era of experience is king, consumers can have their own service "copilot" from the moment they come into contact with the product.

At the security level, in the process of globalization, in the face of the laws, regulations, religious and cultural environment of mountains and rivers, NetEase Yi Dun provides full-cycle security and compliance protection, and uses AI to help content security, intelligent risk control and other scenarios to help enterprises avoid operational risks and unnecessary losses on the way to sea.

Nowadays, with the strategy of going out to sea from "product going out to sea" to "brand going out to sea", the operation of overseas enterprises is also developing in the direction of "compliance", "refinement" and "localization". NetEase smart enterprises will continue to focus on the three infrastructure, integrate their own products and services with AI, and help Chinese enterprises set sail to welcome the great navigation era!

At the same time, Yang Di, the head of Yiyunxin's overseas business, and NetEase, the CTO of the Game Industry Department of Smart Enterprises, also shared the best practices of the game AI in combination with the trend of entertainment and social globalization in the "non-travel to sea acceleration camp special show" and "game going to sea sub-forum".

In order to encourage enterprises that are passionate and creative in the field of cross-border sea, have the courage to develop and achieve outstanding results, or make outstanding contributions to the field of cross-border sea, the GTC Global flow Conference has established the Whale Song Award.

This year's Whale Song Award has a total of 9 awards, covering games, pan-entertainment, marketing, sea services, technology development and other fields. It is jointly selected by representatives of enterprises in the sea industry, relevant media and related associations, industry authorities and relevant government departments. After nearly 3 months of initial screening and re-evaluation, 89 award-winning enterprises were selected out of nearly 1000 enterprises.

NetEase Smart Enterprise was awarded the Whale Song Award for its continuous cultivation in the field of going out to sea.

Pan-Entertainment is considered to be one of the seven hottest tracks in the inventory of "China's main Force going to Sea in 2023" released by Fortune in 2023. Chinese Internet companies focusing on pan-entertainment have become the backbone of overseas enterprises that can not be ignored. Pan-entertainment track attracts global enterprises to compete on the same stage, running out of TikTok, Bigo Live and other outstanding products far beyond similar competitors, and even supporting listed companies such as Yalla Group. For many mid-tail enterprises going to sea, this is also a field full of changes and opportunities.

Since 2023, the economic environment has changed, and so has the psychology of users. In order to better help pan-entertainment sea-going enterprises understand the current situation of the industry, NetEase intelligence enterprises and Moby Dick, a domestic leading Internet sea-going service platform, jointly carried out research, through detailed data analysis and case resolution, try to present the latest "appearance" of the social pan-entertainment racetrack for industry practitioners to boost new business growth.

Based on the latest data of the global social pan-entertainment market in 2023, the White Paper explores new changes in the seemingly calm pan-entertainment market. Among the many sea-going categories, Chinese manufacturers have significant advantages in stranger social tracks, whether live broadcast, video chat, chat room, virtual social networking, online singing and other subdivision tracks. In view of the difficulties generally faced by overseas enterprises, the White Paper also provides suggestions: select appropriate and reliable solution service providers to migrate the business models, product solutions, and technical capabilities proven in the Chinese market to the world. NetEase's intelligent enterprises have entered the eyes of developers and become one of the representatives of high-quality technical service providers, providing plug-and-play scenario solutions in popular areas such as pan-entertainment and games.

In the coming 2023, NetEase intelligent enterprises have made great breakthroughs in products, technology, services, business and other aspects, which can not be separated from the support and recognition of customers in various industries. The whale song indicates that the road to sea is windy and rough. In the future, NetEase intelligent enterprise will continue to use AI as the oar to break the waves, and take years of industry and technology accumulation as the sail to protect enterprises going to sea.

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