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Love Shopping attended the 2023 China Digital Annual meeting to discuss the new paradigm of B2B industry restructuring.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 8, the 2023 China Digital Annual meeting with the theme of "several lines of wisdom" officially opened in Chengdu. Business decision-makers from head platforms such as, Guangzhou Lianda, China Merchants Group, PetroChina, China Nuclear Industry, Xilai Automobile, Yunnan Baiyao, and central state-owned enterprises gathered together to conduct in-depth exchanges around digital economy, AIGC, data elements and other topics to explore the way to digital transformation.

Wang Shasha, head of marketing in the vertical division of ToB, was invited to attend and deliver a speech entitled "how generative AI reshapes the new paradigm of B2B business". She said that the emergence of artificial intelligence is leading the development of the B2B industry to a new inflection point. As an overall B2B solution, Love Purchasing has the ability and obligation to link to the new ecology of AI, in order to help merchants do a better long-term operation in the ecology.

As a grand event in the field of digital economy and digital transformation in China, this annual meeting consists of an opening ceremony and the main forum, 2 summit forums, 2 case sharing sessions, 3 characteristic events, 1 list release and other 9 activities. and 3 antenna digital technology and application innovation exhibition, aiming at the digital pain points of SMEs Experts and industry leaders from the leading institutions of "politics, industry, learning, research, application and gold" in the field of digital science and technology attended. Love procurement showed its technical ability and strong industry appeal before. It has attracted many government personnel and large enterprises' attention and in-depth exchanges after the meeting, which has become the focus of discussion in the whole conference.

01 the emergence of intelligence to reconstruct the business ecology

In recent years, under the guidance of the national strategic direction of the digital economy and the stimulation of economic market demand, the focus of industrial interconnection is shifting from manufacturing to the supply chain. Faced with the problem of how to solve the obstacles caused by the traditional procurement and sales model to the digital intelligence transformation of enterprises, Mr. Chen once pointed out: "whoever has the best way to communicate with customers will have this customer. In the era of artificial intelligence, the emergence of a large number of native AI applications is bound to change the paradigm of our communication with customers." This change will also bring about an intergenerational transition in the business ecology.

As an overall solution for the B2B industry, Love Purchasing has been committed to helping enterprises to digitize and achieve the coordinated development of supply chain and industrial chain. With the help of generative AI, it will effectively reduce business costs, lower marketing threshold and expand the scale of orders.

"at present, the Love Purchasing platform has linked AI Ecology, deeply reconstructed the B2B business model, and realized the three links between people, goods and markets in the market. according to the survey of the platform, enterprises save an average of three labor costs every year, and half of the annual sales come from Love Purchasing, and the transformation of numerical intelligence will also help enterprises to innovate and break through the whole link." Wang Shasha mentioned.

02 promoting digitization in China focuses on giving full play to "cohesion"

As an one-stop purchasing and marketing platform for its enterprises, Ai Purchasing aims to help users have direct access to the whole network commodity information, reach a large number of high-quality merchants, and achieve network-wide procurement through safe and convenient trading capabilities. Generative AI technology brings more accurate recommendation algorithm, more efficient content generation and information processing capabilities for Love Purchasing. Intelligent generation tools such as commodity intelligent generation, store intelligent generation, merchant intelligent customer service and other intelligent generation tools have been applied to enterprise management at the first time and have helped thousands of enterprises to reduce costs and improve efficiency. As a leader in the new digital journey, Love Purchasing has successfully helped more than 350000 enterprises to achieve digital transformation, and has been affirmed and trusted by enterprises in various industries.

"the fire is high when people pick up materials." Wang Shasha said that the key to promoting the process of digitizing China's industry is to make concerted efforts. As a practitioner and promoter of digitization, Love Purchasing will, with an open mind, be a good helper of the government, according to the digital transformation needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, give full play to the "cohesion" of B2B supply chain and ToB ecosystem, start with generative AI technology, reshape the complex scene of business operation, and look forward to working with more partners and industry participants to jointly promote the implementation and value creation of China's industrial digitization.

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