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Lenovo's new Pro 2024 notebook comes with 100W gallium nitride adapter: 3 Pin designed to prevent leakage

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Shulou( Report-- December 8 news, according to Lenovo official news, the upcoming small new Pro 2024 notebook will be equipped with wall plug 100W gan adapter.

Officials say the new 100W gallium nitride quick-charging adapter reduces volume by 23.1%, weight by 18.3%, and uses three Pin plugs for safe grounding to prevent leakage.

This design of the adapter combines the grounding leakage protection characteristics of the traditional three-stage adapter and the portability of the gallium nitride adapter, taking into account daily use and outdoor use scenarios. organizes the official preheating information of Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 2024 notebook as follows:

Lenovo's new Pro AI superbook 2024 is the first batch of new Core Ultra processors with optional 32GB large memory and the latest 7467 MT/s high-frequency memory. Both 1TB SSD,14 and 16-inch models have reserved M.2 2280 slots to achieve the capacity of 5TB.

The battery capacity of the new Pro AI superbook 2024 has been upgraded from 75Wh to 84Wh. Officials say it can last up to 23.2 hours for local playback and 10.3 hours for daily simulation. It supports 100W PD fast charging and Lenovo's 140W ultra fast charging. It uses a long-life battery, and officials say the remaining power in four years is 75%.

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