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What does Glory do right to lead the trend of eye protection in the industry?

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Shulou( Report--

Recently released one plus 12 mobile phones, "bright eyes to protect the eyes" technology has become one of the selling points. According to the official announcement, this screen has received the industry's first Rheinland TU V Intelligent Eye Care 3.0 certification and the medical grade eye care certification of the National Ophthalmology diagnosis and treatment Engineering Technology Research Center. Before the release of one plus 12, Hongmi K70 Pro also launched the "Castle Peak Eye Protection screen" technology, claiming to adopt the new concept of "doctor-worker integration" and work with authoritative eye hospitals to create scientific eye protection data.

It is not difficult to find that eye protection screen has become an important selling point for mobile phone manufacturers, and eye protection screen is naturally one of the core directions of their R & D and innovation.

In fact, no matter the iterative development of screen eye protection technology, or the cognition and change of mobile phone manufacturers' attitude towards eye protection, there is no way to bypass a brand-Glory. As the glory executive Jiang Hairong said, eye protection seems to be "in the right direction" overnight, becoming an industry trend, naturally inseparable from the promotion of glory.

In the past few years, Glory has unremittingly devoted himself to the research and development of eye protection technology:

For example, as early as the Glory 50 series, Glory introduced 1920Hz high frequency PWM dimming for the first time. Subsequently, the glory Magic4 series launched the domestic LTPO technology, the glory Magic Vs launched the VICO A + class natural light eye protection and sleep-aiding display technology, the glory Magic5 series introduced 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming technology, the glory 90 series launched the 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM zero-risk dimming technology, and the glory 100 series creatively released the "Glory Oasis Eye screen".

In the past three years, Glory has invested more than 1 billion yuan in the research and development of eye screens and obtained more than 500 display-related patents, of which more than 100 are eye protection-related patents.

In terms of folding screen eye protection technology, Glory also works closely with upstream screen manufacturers such as BOE and Vicino, bringing cutting-edge experiences such as 2500nit peak brightness and 3840Hz zero-risk dimming.

Not only that, Glory has also set up the Oasis Eye Care Lab. On the basis of joining with 10 + research institutions and owning 100 + eye protection related patents, we will invest 1 billion + R & D expenses in the next 3 years, adhere to the new research direction of humanization, specialization and standardization, and cooperate with German Rheinland, BOE, Vicino, Tianma and other industrial chain partners to build a benchmark for health display.

In the race track of screen eye protection technology, Glory was once a lonely explorer. With its in-depth research and leading advantage of technology, Glory successfully stood in the leading position in the field of eye protection. It is under the guidance of Honor that since 2021, 12 mobile phone brands have begun to adopt the high-frequency PWM dimming eye protection technology route dominated by Glory. At present, more and more brands begin to pay attention to eye protection technology, and actively adopt innovative technology solutions to meet the needs of consumers for healthy use of mobile phones.

Why is it glory that leads the Eye Protection track?

After just three years of independence, we have been adhering to the research and development of "underlying root technology" and "engineering technology", tamping the core technology competitiveness from software, hardware and various systems.

Data show that Glory has seven major R & D bases, more than 100 innovation laboratories, more than 60% of the company's R & D personnel, and annual R & D investment accounts for 10% of revenue. In addition, in the list of "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in 2022", Glory R & D intensity ranks among the top six in the country and ranks first among all mobile electronic consumer goods companies.

More importantly, for a long time, Glory has always persisted in taking "two-wheel drive" as the innovation concept, taking user needs as the starting point, and breaking the innovation ceiling through independently developed technology, this concept runs through the glorious PC, smart wear, tablets and other products, and the eye shield is only a small epitome of glorious innovation.

At the eye protection level, Glory takes the lead in paying attention to the potential demand for eye health of consumers, and takes the lead in entering the field of health display, and continues to bring users a healthier and more comfortable visual experience through technological innovation.

Today, when the industry realizes the importance of eye protection screen and the strong demand gap, Glory takes the lead in building the Glory Oasis Eye Protection Laboratory, and regards Oasis Eye Protection as a long-term development direction. join hands with industry partners to innovate and jointly speed up the landing of screen eye protection technology innovation.

As of last week, a glorious 5G phone with the model MAG-AN00 has passed the national quality certification and supports 100W fast charging. Judging from the revelations, this is the upcoming Glory GT series of new phones-Glory 90 GT. According to the blogger @ Digital chat Station, Glory X50 GT and Glory 90 GT phones will be released in the near future, with its first 24GB memory, three chips, OIS optical anti-shake, performance and screen.

Wei Shaolong, product manager of Honor GT series, previously revealed that Glory Thanos project-Glory GT new product is about to be released, positioning "performance to destroy bullies". In addition, in his previous interaction with netizens on Weibo, Wei Shaolong also revealed that "Glory GT series new phones will be equipped with oasis eye protection screen" news.

From this point of view, the oasis eye protection screen will become the standard of the glorious future.

At present, with the increasing attention of consumers to health, eye protection function has become the rigid demand of more and more users. Driven by the concept of two-wheel innovation, Glory responds quickly and constantly strengthens the optimization and popularization of eye protection technology, which is worth learning and progress in the industry.

In the past three years, glorious eye protection technology has been widely used and recognized.

With the in-depth understanding of users' needs and continuous investment in technology research and development, Glory has "got a head start" on the track of eye protection, and has the advantage of first-mover technology. Glory has also broken the innovation ceiling of eye protection technology again and again, and lead the industry to make common progress.

Eye protection is not only a function, but also an honorable commitment to the health of users.

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