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Double Twelve warm heart courtesy of the world Samsung W24 Flip opens a new fold

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Shulou( Report--

Hemingway once said in the famous prose piece "True nobility" that the true nobility should be better than who he used to be. Self-improvement is not only the source of a sense of achievement, but also one of the keys to helping successful people to be invincible. As a distinctive ultra-high-end flagship series, the Samsung W series has always adhered to the spirit of ingenuity, interprets the noble connotation through continuous self-evolution, and provides the future science and technology experience to elite users. During the double Twelve period, Samsung W24 Flip to honor the courtesy of the world, invite elites to go to the honorable appointment to experience a further folding screen experience.

Ice porcelain Yayun is quiet and far away

The advent of Samsung W24 Flip has launched a new picture for people to interpret noble taste with leading science and technology in contemporary life. In ancient times, the hermit who smelled the fragrance of flowers and scrolls went out to visit his friends. Today, when you see the Samsung W24 Flip, you can see that its holders are elites with elegant taste. Does not show the elite temperament, from its exquisite longitudinal folding body, folding state, the heart of the Samsung W24 Flip like a jewelry box, can be used as the finishing touch of fashion items.

Exquisite and compact is only one of the beauties of Samsung W24 Flip. Through its fuselage design, you can see another world. The Samsung W24 Flip injects modern Seiko into the noble ceramic culture that has been passed on for thousands of years, creating a fresh and elegant "ice porcelain white" color matching body back plate. After years of washing, ceramics become more and more luxurious, coupled with modern technology, more durable, both otherworldly visual perception, but also can obtain a warm and moist comfortable touch. As an ultra-high-end folding screen product, the Samsung W24 Flip outlines the fuselage with luxurious gold frame and hinge cover, and the hinge cover with golden gem-shaped checkered pattern is like telling a fascinating time story in the change of light and shadow. it echoes well with the gold "Heart tie the World" logo on the back, showing more luxury and atmosphere.

The ingenuity is handed down from generation to generation and folded in a new way.

The vertical folding of the Samsung W24 Flip shows the exquisite fashion demeanor of the modern era, together with concise and exquisite product logic and interactive philosophy, making the encounter between users and noble life more calm and natural. The large field of view intelligent outer screen with a greatly increased screen size brings feature-rich widgets, which can complete the necessary functions on the outer screen, such as replying messages, making phone calls, viewing the weather, media control, movement, and so on, without expanding the fuselage. Enter the ninth grid view through two-finger kneading gestures, and you can click on different widgets to switch to get more rich functions and experience. In addition, the Samsung W24 also supports the Quantum Secret call function of China Telecom, which used to provide reliable privacy protection for voice calls, instant messaging and file storage.

Relying on the flexible vertical folding design, the Samsung W24 Flip unlocks a freer shooting experience, allowing users to freeze highlight moments in a variety of perspectives, not only with the help of spin-stop without handheld shooting, but also through high-quality main selfies to present SLR-like selfies, you can take better portraits without unfolding your phone. When video calls or meetings are needed, users can also communicate more efficiently in a more comfortable manner without having to hand-hold or find a fulcrum.

It begins with ingenuity and continues to pass on. Samsung W24 Flip injects high taste into luxury design and interprets avant-garde ideas with innovative applications. During the double Twelve period, choosing such a folding screen flagship is not only a reward for the past year, but also a new starting point for the future, the distinguished experience should not be missed.

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