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Didi online "no car compensation for 3 minutes" activity: car-hailing overtime can enjoy 15-35 yuan free single coupon

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According to news on December 8, DiDi today announced the launch of a deterministic experience program for car hailing, which will be carried out in the form of no car compensation for 3 minutes, multiple incentives to pull drivers to pick up orders, and upgrading multi-category services.

During the first phase of the event from December 7 to 13, Didi launched a special campaign to experience "no car compensation for 3 minutes" in 159 cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu. Didi users can get free coupons ranging from 15 yuan to 35 yuan when they call a taxi within 3 minutes. has learned that after receiving the "no car compensation for 3 minutes" right through Didi App or Mini Program, the user chooses to call any two or more active models, including Didi Express Taxi, special express, Didi express, high-speed ride-sharing, premium, special car (excluding business chauffeured) online pricing taxis, and there is no response within 3 minutes after placing the order, that is, the compensation conditions are met. Users can get a coupon with an amount of 15-35 yuan, and this order will take effect immediately. The amount of the coupon for users in different cities varies.

During the event, Didi continued to issue commission-free cards, running water acceleration cards, order completion awards and other awards to drivers during the peak period to encourage drivers to take orders. Provide special rewards in concerts, business circles and other scenes with high travel demand.

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