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The reporting Center of the Central Internet Information Office deals with a number of fraudulent websites of counterfeit academic journals: fraudulently using formal websites to make profits.

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According to news on December 8, the reporting Center of the Central Internet Information Office announced today that it has recently accepted and dealt with a number of fraudulent websites of counterfeit academic journals in accordance with the law, according to the clues reported by netizens.

According to reports, the pages of these counterfeit websites are very similar to the pages of academic journals sponsored by some domestic colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, and so on, and they falsely use their names to issue notices of soliciting contributions to induce authors to submit manuscripts. take the opportunity to collect the so-called "review fee" and "layout fee" to make money and make profits, seriously infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of netizens and disrupt the normal publishing order of academic papers. attached the list of counterfeit fraud websites announced by the Central Cyber Information Office as follows:

The reporting Center of the Central Internet Information Office said that these websites have the following characteristics:

Fake domain address: such as the journal "Biology Teaching in Middle School", the top-level domain name of the official website is ".com", and the phishing website is ".cn".

Clone the page content of the official website: basically copy the content of the official website, but the content of some websites is old and not updated in time.

The content is rough and the error is obvious: for example, the domestic unified publication number and mistyped slogan of the mismarked periodical, "seeking truth and innovation" is mistakenly written as "seeking truth and creating relatives".

The payment method is irregular: counterfeit websites use personal bank accounts to collect money. As a contrast, the collection information of formal journals is mostly public accounts.

The report Center of the Central Network Information Office of the ▲ Picture Source, same as below

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