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Realme Xu Qi: true self GT5 Pro "the king of quality-price ratio", hoping to bring a product that excites users and the whole market.

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Shulou( Report-- December 8 news, December 7, true self realme held a new product conference, officially launched the true self GT5 Pro mobile phone, not only powerful performance and top image, true self GT5 Pro also in the screen, flash battery life, design and other aspects to bring a comprehensive beyond the flagship experience, become the true self so far the strongest GT series products.

More importantly, the true self GT5 Pro phone not only continues realme's fine tradition of "the king of quality-price ratio", but also sparks a heated discussion among netizens with a pro-user price of 3298 yuan in the first sale.

After the press conference, Xu Qi, vice president of true self realme, president of global marketing and president of China, accepted a group interview with the media, including, and shared deeply on product pricing, design, video, global market and other topics.

200 million shipments node, hope to bring a product that excites users and the entire market is first of all this pricing. Xu Qi said that the pricing from 3298 yuan for the first sale is indeed very extreme, and it should be said that there are some versions that are definitely not profitable.

For realme, there are two key points:

1. Realme will definitely implement the concept of "king of quality-to-price ratio" that we are carrying out now. So, that's why we need to provide good products while pricing them competitively.

2, in this year's realme 200 million milestone node, I hope to bring you a product that excites users and the whole market. This year, we have spent a lot of energy and expectation on such a blockbuster product like GT5 Pro. We hope that such a good product can really give you a very loud voice in the market. So, our pricing is really extreme this time.

According to, realme was founded in 2018 and became the first TOP7 sold in the world in 2019. It takes three years from 0 to 100 million units, and only two years from 100 million to 200 million units. According to Counterpoint Research data, realme is second only to vivo, Huawei, Samsung and Apple, becoming the "fifth fastest" smartphone maker with 200 million shipments.

This year, realme has achieved a more concise product line and faster growth. In the future, realme will focus on two trump card series, making GT series as the performance king, doing the performance ceiling of the same gear, building digital series into mid-range subverters, using flagship standards to define digital series, and bringing users a more leapfrog experience.

Xu Qi revealed that realme currently has three series in the domestic market, one is the GT series, Neo SE, Neo and GT digital and GT digital Pro across GT, there are four products, one small branch is the Neo series, and the other is the GT digital series.

"next year's GT series will be the highlight, and the GT series will be the most invested series in 2024, no matter from research and development, from product design, from our manpower and resources, this part is the top priority."

The second series is the digital series, the digital series is the global popular style series for realme, in the overseas market, the digital series must be an important starting point for brand building. Xu Qi revealed that the next digital series in the middle of the flagship experience and images will be very extreme.

In the global market. Xu Qi revealed that the proportion of realme at home and abroad is about 2 to 8. At present, the main force is still in overseas markets, with the greatest contributions, such as India, Indonesia and, of course, China.

"2024 is also critical for us, on the one hand, we will dig into some advantageous markets. On the other hand, we will also look for new opportunities to explore the high-quality market to be cultivated further. China must be a very important market, because although the market is large, it is still very large. In addition, for new markets, such as Latin America and the Middle East, we will continue to make efforts to expand market potential. "

"for 2024, it is very important for us to continue to build the GT series into a very strong mind, each product must be able to explode, so as to drive the heat of the entire market." Xu Qi said in an interview.

To be a technology brand that understands young people better, the three major differences capture more users about "differentiation strategy". Xu Qi said that realme has experienced five years, and the brand positioning is to be a technology brand that understands young people better. The main differences are in three points:

The first of our target groups, realme is very determined and determined to the target users, we continue to study the needs of young users for the product, how to create a good product for them, this is very critical.

The second difference is how we can make consumers remember us in such a Red Sea market. What kind of extra value our brand can bring to them, as I said today as the "king of quality and price", realme not only to do the price advantage, we also have to do the above advantage of quality and price, this is very critical.

The third difference is the technology reserve that needs to be strengthened for technology brands. Xu Qi said that in the past, realme did not have a large market share in China, but it still made a lot of splash. The 240W global debut and 1TB trend in the first half of the year were brought by realme. This time to bring such a telephoto image configuration, I think it has given the entire market and consumers a lot of excitement, which shows that we can constantly surprise you in our technical reserves.

"realme is not a price-fighting brand, we are more in technology, scientific and technological strength, really let everyone see the intentions of realme for young people."

"in the future, realme will focus on two trump cards, the most focused is the GT series, and the other is the digital series. These two series will represent the image of realme in the future, and I believe that these two series will allow us to gain more users."

In addition, on the topic of "price increases by upstream storage manufacturers", Xu Qi said that the feeling of the whole market for price increases next year is still very obvious, but large memory is still the focus of user demand, so the direction of large memory itself can not be given up. Next year, realme also wants to guarantee how to achieve the king of quality-to-price ratio in the same price range.

According to reports, the true self GT5 Pro is equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 8 processor, uses the 3VC iceberg heat dissipation system, has an area of up to 12000mm ²and has six times the equivalent thermal conductivity. In addition, it also launched the geek performance panel 2.0 and opened GPU+CPU dual scheduling for the first time. At the same time, the true self GT5 Pro launched the extraordinary electric light pursuit engine, the first batch of support "against the cold" mobile travel 2.0.

In terms of image, the true self GT5 Pro adopts a new superlight shadow imaging system: equipped with Sony's double flagship light and shadow lens, and the algorithm of the superlight shadow engine is fully upgraded. According to reports, the new machine is equipped with Sony metaphor LYT-808 super light shadow main shot, light and shadow more than 1 inch, support AI semantic perception, picture quality enhancement, computing light and shadow, and comprehensively improve the image effect; support superlight shadow capture, achieve 00:00 lag HDR ultra high dynamic range; support ProLight super night view, RAW domain lossless processing, restore night color. True self GT5 Pro also combines Qualcomm and Hongrou's first super core telephoto imaging system, equipped with IMX890 superlight periscope telephoto, has a flagship camera level sensor, which claims to challenge the industry's largest bottom periscope telephoto, supports 3X optical zoom, 6X lossless zoom, telephoto close-up, dim telephoto portrait, and the new machine is the first Android telephoto and master camera to support Dolby horizon HDR shooting, up to 4K format.

In terms of screen, True self GT5 Pro and BOE jointly customize the matchless screen, which claims to challenge the strongest 1.5K screen in the world, leading the screen brightness into the 4K + era. True self GT5 Pro is equipped with 5400mAh giant battery, supports 100W light speed flash charge, and carries 50W wireless flash charge for the first time, and launches AIRVOOC 50W wireless flash charge base at the same time, the price is 329RMB. The new machine also supports USB3.2, providing maximum 1TB storage.

It is worth mentioning that the real me GT5 Pro is also the industry's first rapid palmprint unlock, the official said that through more than 10,000 model training, comparable to the face unlocking speed. The function also supports "AI gesture manipulation": 12 spaced gestures to achieve full scene interspace interactions such as moving and sliding.

True self GT5 Pro will go on sale at 10:00 on December 14, with a limited first sale discount of RMB101. the specific price of is as follows:

12GB+256GB, the initial launch time limit is 3298 yuan.

16GB+256GB, the initial launch time limit is 3598 yuan.

16GB+512GB, the initial launch time limit is 3898 yuan.

16GB+1TB, the initial launch time limit is 4198 yuan.

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