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Wechat public platform cracked down on 3840 false articles and 275 rumors in November.

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Shulou( Report-- December 8 news, WeChat public platform in November a total of 3840 false articles to crack down on, 275 articles to refute rumors.

At the same time, WeChat announced the top ten rumors in November. In response to "the take-out platform stops sending orders to riders over 45 years old," platform staff said that considering the relevant safety factors in the delivery process, the age limit for riders will be between 18 and 57 years old. Within this age range, they have full civil capacity and corresponding independent labor capacity, are in good health, hold valid health certificates and have no relevant types of diseases. Those who meet the requirements of no illegal and criminal record and skilled driving of relevant vehicles can register as online delivery personnel. The online transmission of "the upper age limit of delivery personnel is 45 years old" is false information. with Top 10 Rumors for November:

Can Smeglutide Reduce Weight Easily?

Is the virus currently circulating in our country "mysterious pneumonia"?

Hong Kong neon signs have been dismantled?

Teacher Luo Xiang turned white overnight?

Does the central bank inform some banks that they will not lend after November?

Suspected carcinogens detected in tap water of 44 cities in 23 provinces?

Takeout platforms stop giving orders to riders over 45?

A traffic accident outside a zebra crossing only compensates 30,000?

Can wash a face with white vinegar turn white?

NPC deputies suggest that hospitals should be equipped with upper and lower beds to ease bed tension?

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