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Docking with WhatsApp, Ruiyun service cloud helps overseas enterprises to "connect the world"

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How to connect customers in after-sales service through the social software that overseas customers are used to using? This has always been the ability of overseas enterprises to focus on.

In response to this demand of overseas enterprises, recently, Ruiyun Service Cloud Global after-sales Service Management platform officially docked with WhatsApp, one of the most popular overseas mobile communication applications, to open up the customer service channel of social software for enterprises, so that overseas customers can more easily find corporate customer service online and provide customers with more timely service response!

01 Why is it necessary for WhatsApp to go to sea?

As social media permeates every scene of business and consumption, more and more customers encounter after-sales problems and tend to find corporate communication through social media. In China, for example, when customer products fail, it is very popular to find the official Wechat account of the enterprise for consultation and self-service repair.

Overseas, is there a customer connection weapon as easy to use as Wechat?

WhatsApp, which has 2.5 billion monthly active users in more than 180 countries or regions around the world, is undoubtedly the best choice for overseas companies to build a social customer service position. According to public data, WhatsApp occupies the position of head communication application in 63 countries, and these users generate more than 1000 billion messages every day.

In fact, in addition to the well-known user version of WhatsApp,WhatsApp, there are also WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API applications for enterprise merchants.

To introduce you here, WhatsApp Business, as a business number, mainly serves small and medium-sized enterprises. It can provide business functions such as setting keyword automatic reply, tagging customers and creating business materials, but only one customer service is allowed to access, up to 256users.

As a business application programming interface, WhatsApp Business API can meet more needs of enterprises in customer communication and management on the basis of WhatsApp Business. Its main functions include automatic reply, customer support, order tracking, marketing promotion and so on.

If it is used in after-sales service scenarios, enterprises can provide answers to frequently asked questions through automatic reply function and interfacing with chat robots, so as to save manpower costs, improve the timeliness of response, and can be used by multiple customer service, and there is no upper limit for users. It is very suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises going to sea.

02 how to dock with WhatsApp to serve customers in real time?

From the ability of official introduction, WhatsApp Business API can play a great value in the access of overseas enterprise service requests and online customer service reception customer consultation, and is an ideal tool for enterprises to carry out after-sales service overseas.

According to WhatsApp data, 50 million merchants have communicated with customers on WhatsApp through WhatsApp Business, and more than 175 million people send messages to WhatsApp Business merchants every day to browse products, receive notifications and get quick responses.

To help enterprises achieve integrated management from service access to service processing, Ruiyun Service Cloud has recently reached a cooperation with, an officially authorized service provider of WhatsApp Business API, to help enterprise customers configure WhatsApp Business API features at the backend of Ruiyun Service Cloud management to manage omni-channel service requests, including WhatsApp.

Customer service opens Ruiyun's management backend to communicate with users on WhatsApp in real time, and answers relevant after-sales questions for users by sending messages such as text, audio, video, pictures and documents. At the same time, customer service can also reply to customers at any time using the knowledge base on Ruiyun service management platform to improve the timeliness and accuracy of responses.

Finally, from the perspective of end customers to sum up, when customers have after-sales service needs, only three simple steps, you can find the official customer service on WhatsApp and consult online.

Step 1

Find the company's official "Chat on WhatsApp" button on the official website or add the enterprise WhatsApp account as the contact.

Step 2

The end customer sends a consultation message in the WhatsApp chat box

Step 3

Enterprise customer service can see the customer's consultation message on the Ruiyun PC online customer service page and chat with the customer in real time.

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