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During the bumper harvest of navel oranges in Gannan, Douyin e-commerce sales increased by 289% compared with the same period last year.

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Orange, yellow, orange and green for another year, Gannan is full of orange fragrance. From November to December every year, it is the mature picking season for navel oranges in Gannan. In the fields, fruit growers are busy picking and sorting navel oranges, with a bumper harvest; in the studio, fresh Gannan navel oranges are being sold to the north and south of the country through the Internet. As of early December, sales of Gannan navel oranges on Douyin e-commerce platform have increased by 289% over the same period last year, with the launch of the special event of "Gannan navel Orange in Jiangxi Province". The number of local stores is about twice as many as last year. With the help of one screen, the fragrance of small navel orange floats all over the country.

Gannan navel orange is listed as a national geographical indication product. The main producing area of Ganzhou is mountainous and hilly landform. The stacked hills build the picturesque scenery of Ganzhou. Navel orange is a bright color in this landscape picture. The humid climate, sufficient sunshine and deep soil layer in Ganzhou jointly build a "gold producing area" for navel orange cultivation, giving birth to a deep red orange peel, full and juicy taste.

During the harvest season, local new farmers are extending the sales radius of navel oranges in their hometown to further places through their mobile phones. Taoguan, a fresh brand founded by young people returning to their hometown, broadens the sales of navel oranges in their hometown through Douyin e-commerce. Recently, in a single orchard in Ruijin, Taoguan sent away nearly 40,000 jin of navel oranges for three consecutive days.

In order to let more consumers buy authentic and high-quality Gannan navel oranges, navel orange merchants are also very cautious in choosing cooperative orchards. Many merchants set up live broadcast rooms in orchards to give consumers a clear picture of the planting environment and harvest of navel oranges in Gannan. They also defined the planting standards of navel oranges in Gannan in their e-commerce underwriting agreements signed with local farmers.

The "Little Orange Sister" store, which is also operated by Douyin, requires that cooperative orchards be located in high mountains and have special requirements for soil. Every year, before signing the agreement in July and August, they will send someone to check whether the orchard is up to the standard. After signing the agreement, the company will also send technical guidance to protect the fruit growers.

Fruit growers grow, fruit merchants purchase, and e-commerce expand sales. Under this model, Ganzhou orange growers are more confident. In 2023, the number of cooperative farmers in Ganzhou reached 20. In addition to giving fruit farmers a purchase price higher than the purchase price of 20 to 30 cents in previous years, they will also pay 30 percent in advance to farmers, so that they can feel more at ease. The physical capacity construction of fruit merchants is also getting bigger and bigger. "Taoguan" plans to expand its plant next year, investing 15 million yuan to build a standardized plant covering an area of 20 mu; "Orange Little Sister" 's factory capacity is also increasing, and this year they have four new cleaning and sorting assembly line machines.

In addition to Gannan navel oranges, Douyin e-commerce "mountain products on the headlines" this year has also invested resources for agricultural special products such as Jiangxi rice noodles, preserved eggs, duck eggs, dried bamboo shoots, Wuyuan green tea, Taihe black chicken, etc., helping local production and marketing docking and expanding market sales.

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