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In the first year of AI PC Zhiqixin, Lenovo Group sounded the assembly account of "Vanguard"

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Under the tide of AI, AI technology has entered the era of large models, and the industry is full of expectations and imagination for the wide application of large models. PC, as the ultimate carrier for AI to reach users, is also becoming an important breakthrough for the future application and landing of AI, and a new AI PC era is about to emerge.

On December 7, at the first AI PC Industrial Innovation Forum with the theme of "AI New Ecology, Zhiqi New year", Lenovo Group gathered together AI PC to launch the "AI PC Vanguard activity" to accelerate the landing of AI PC. What is more noteworthy is that Lenovo Group also joined hands with IDC to release the industry's first "AI PC Industry (China) White Paper" (hereinafter referred to as "White Paper"), which deeply expounds the innovative technology and ecological picture of AI PC.

AI PC breaks the question AI Pratt & Whitney

Since the beginning of this year, generative AI and large models have developed by leaps and bounds, profoundly changing the way people live and work. But the industry is generally concerned about how to enable everyone to enjoy the extension of the exclusive AI capabilities of the big model era. How to enable every enterprise to achieve change and growth and get the AI dividend of the big model era?

PC equipment as the core main body of bearer technology, through the combination with AI, may be the key to solve problems in the industry. According to the "White Paper" issued by IDC and Lenovo Group, AI PC is a personal AI assistant tailored for everyone, which can help users improve productivity, simplify workflow, and generate customized solutions based on users' personal data, ensuring data and privacy security while better meeting users' needs. According to the White Paper, AI PC has five core features: personal agent with natural language interaction, embedded human model, standard local mixed AI computing power, open AI application ecology and device-level personal data & privacy security.

At present, the development of AI large model is mainly carried out from the cloud. As users invoke AI capabilities and large models more frequently, relying only on the cloud to provide the corresponding capabilities becomes expensive, complex and not secure enough. The industry believes that the computing load of large models will continue to sink from the cloud to the terminal, promoting the mixed use of public large models and local large models to form an individual model. As users use AI applications more frequently, they will become more and more dependent on personal large models.

Under the development trend of personal large-scale model, AI PC can help individuals expand the boundary of AI capabilities, and it is more inevitable for them to take the lead in causing change. The White Paper points out that the individual people's Congress model will gradually achieve universal benefits by relying on mixed AI. Under the inclusive requirements of the personal large model, PC will become an ideal platform for hosting the large model because of its strong computing and storage capacity, as well as rich interaction methods and a wide range of application scenarios, that is to say, AI PC will become the preferred terminal to realize AI.

As PC evolves to AI PC, the value of PC vendors will also be reconstructed. Ablikim Abulimiti (Amu), vice president of Lenovo Group and vice president of strategy and business development in China, said that from the point of view of the terminal industry, AI PC will enable terminal manufacturers to return to the industrial ecological center and lead the whole industry to innovate and upgrade.

Specifically, AI PC will not only be a hardware device, but also a hybrid of AI models and applications as well as hardware devices. Compared with the traditional PC industrial ecology based on operating system, AI PC industrial ecology takes the personal agent based on natural language interaction as the first entrance, and completes the tasks put forward by the user through the support of large model and application ecology.

In the AI PC ecology, it will mainly involve terminal manufacturers, AI native application manufacturers, large model technology manufacturers and computing manufacturers and other participants. Amu said that AI PC terminal manufacturers will promote the interoperability of models and applications by formulating and issuing interface standards. At the same time, in the protection of personal privacy and data security, terminal manufacturers will cooperate with application and model manufacturers to develop data use and storage specifications. Based on the ability to effectively integrate upstream and downstream resources, AI PC terminal manufacturers that provide complete intelligent services will be the core hub of the whole industry.

AI PC opens the new blue ocean of PC

At present, the traditional hardware industry represented by PC is getting tired, and the industry has developed or entered the stock market. Southwest Securities Research report said that after 30 years of development, the PC industry has formed the change from desktop PC to laptop and then to tablet computer, and its penetration is close to the ceiling. at present, there is a lack of enough innovation in PC as a whole, and people's demand for traditional PC comes from a natural replacement cycle.

However, under the enabling of AI, the innovation terminal represented by AI PC will pull the PC market into a new round of growth. Generally speaking, new supply will create new demand, and AI PC will be expected to achieve rapid growth in the future through its unique advantages. IDC predicts that the proportion of new devices assembled by AI PC (excluding AI tablets) in China's PC market will rise rapidly in the next few years and reach 85% in 2027, becoming the mainstream of the PC market.

The growth of PC market mainly comes from the common support of consumer market and commercial market. Among them, in the personal consumer market, AI PC will shorten the user replacement cycle and accelerate the arrival of the replacement trend. IDC predicts that led by AI PC, the penetration rate of personal computers in Chinese consumer market will break through the bottleneck period and achieve sustained growth.

In the commercial market, small and medium-sized enterprises will use AI PC to accelerate the intelligent transformation and improve operational efficiency. According to IDC, the proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises assembling new AI PC phones will reach 88% in 2027, while the proportion of large enterprises assembling new AI PC phones will reach 74% in 2027. Large enterprises in areas such as IT, Internet, and professional services will be the first to introduce AI PC.

The current PC market is in a recovery cycle, IDC data show that in the third quarter of this year, the world's major PC manufacturers are showing varying degrees of recovery. Among them, Lenovo Group shipped 16 million units, an increase of 12.68% over the previous month, and its market share still ranks first in the world.

With the market recovery and the huge market prospects brought by AI PC, the relevant investment opportunities are worth paying attention to. Fang Jing, chief analyst of Minsheng Securities electronics industry, said that the current PC market destocking is over, the market has begun to recover, and now the densely landed AI terminals will be activated on the demand side, the beginning of a new big cycle of PC has come, and AI has brought huge investment opportunities.

Based on AI PC as a consensus to undertake the large-scale popularity and long-term development potential of AI, major machine manufacturers around the world have added AI PC products. From the time node, 2024 will be the first year of AI PC in China. Among them, Lenovo Group pre-layout AI PC, first-mover advantage is obvious.

At present, Lenovo Group is making every effort to promote the transformation from traditional PC to AI PC, and with the technology of large model compression and artificial intelligence twins (AI Twin) enabling AI PC to become a new hybrid of "computing power + personal large model + AI application". In addition, Lenovo Group, as a deep partner of Intel, is working together to promote the development and innovation of the AI experience based on Intel's upcoming Meteor Lake processor.

As the promoter and leader of AI PC, Lenovo Group also launched the "AI PC Vanguard Initiative", launched the "AI PC Ecological developer Program" to AI ecological developers, and launched the "AI PC content creativity Competition" to AI content creators, in order to jointly prosper AI PC ecology and accelerate the early landing of AI PC.

Standing at the starting point of the AI PC era, a new future full of infinite possibilities and opportunities is coming. Lenovo Group, as the leader of the global PC industry, is actively promoting the inclusive benefits of AI and accelerating the landing of AI PC. In this process, Lenovo Group will also benefit from the AI dividend and usher in a new round of growth.

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