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The Wealth Alliance will win the future together! 2023 Unicom Digital person Marketing Cooperation Promotion Conference in Guangzhou Station came to a successful conclusion

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Shulou( Report--

In recent years, the state has issued a number of policies to support the development of digital economy and digitalization, so the metacosmos industry has shown huge market potential and growth space. In order to strengthen digital man marketing cooperation and promote Unicom's digital man standardized products and solutions, Unicom online recently held a "win-win Future of Wealth creation Alliance-Unicom Digital Man Marketing Cooperation Promotion Conference" in Guangzhou. Dozens of enterprises are invited to explore the marketing cooperation opportunities of digital people.

At the promotion conference, Unicom online released Unicom digital man standardized products, and brought a full range of digital man marketing solutions for partners, opening the way for the future marketing innovation and development of digital man. Digital human standardized products have aroused a warm response on the spot, with both entertainment and social attributes and huge business value, can improve user participation and stickiness, reduce enterprise marketing costs and improve efficiency, and its creative content design and technical support, won the high praise of the participants.

Standardized products of digital people, realizing the commercial value of digital people

In view of the pain points such as the transformation of enterprises into the ranks of digital people in meta-universe, personnel problems in the traditional live broadcast mode, and timeliness of customer service, Unicom launched standardized products of digital people online: digital anchors, digital live broadcasts, digital employees, give full play to the ability of digital people technology, realize the popularization of digital people in commerce, and help the transformation of digital applications in many industries.

"Digital Anchor" is an intelligent product that combines AI technology such as voice, image and natural language processing. It models the image based on 1: 1 collected human data and uses text-driven instead of real-person propaganda and broadcasting. It is suitable for news, variety, sports, finance and economics, meteorology and other fields. It not only has intelligent question and answer, voice recognition and other functions, but also can facilitate intelligent interaction, help businesses save manpower, and efficiently achieve customer service, product promotion and brand building.

"Digital LVB" supports access to domestic mainstream live streaming and e-commerce platforms. With the help of a variety of AI intelligent and deep neural network rendering technologies, users only need to input digital human image, voice, background, live broadcast script and interaction in the background management end, and then quickly start LVB, reduce costs and improve efficiency, improve GMV conversion of harvesting traffic, and reduce advertising threshold.

"Digital employee" is an intelligent product based on a variety of AI technologies. The image can be optional or customized, easily control a variety of platform scenarios, such as the application in the physical reception hall for users for product recommendation, real-time response to accurately identify customer intentions, to meet the needs of human-computer interaction in different industries.

Gather high-quality partners to create the way of digital human development

At this promotion meeting, Unicom online organized the heads and representatives of more than 50 enterprises / manufacturers to attend the meeting to conduct in-depth exchanges with professionals in the fields of Internet, new media, film and television, and actively seek opportunities for cooperation. to build prosperity for the bright future of the digital human industry.

Unicom online will continue to launch consumer-grade digital human products on Bamboo C, focus on more meta-cosmic application scenarios, create more popular products, help the industry expand a larger market, and provide more support to partners, such as marketing resources, brand cooperation, special operation support, channel promotion, etc., to further strengthen the digital human development ecology.

After a long period of time, time waits for no one! A new round of digital human market explosion cycle is coming. Unicom online will use the cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the digital human field to promote the landing of more commercial applications in the digital human industry, and sincerely invite more partners to open a new chapter in the meta-universe field to achieve greater growth of the digital economy.

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