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Stellantis Group cooperates with Ample: integrated modular battery scheme for pure electric vehicles, power change in 5 minutes

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Thanks to netizen knsgccxr for the clue delivery!, December 8 (Xinhua)-- Stellantis Group and US startup Ample have signed an agreement to cooperate on battery charging technology for electric vehicles (EV), which can replace fully charged batteries in less than five minutes. noted that the two sides had agreed to integrate Ample's modular battery exchange solution into the Stellantis electric vehicle, and that the battery replacement technology would allow the owner to stay in the battery replacement station for a few minutes and replace the depleted battery with a fully charged battery (also known as power replacement).

The two companies are also discussing expanding the use of Ample modular battery switching technology to meet the needs of other Stellantis platforms and regions.

The original plan, launched in Madrid, Spain, in 2024, uses the 100th Fiat 500e fleet of Stellantis's Free2move car-sharing service (Fiat 500e is Stellantis's top-selling electric vehicle).

In addition, Ample's lightweight battery exchange stations can be deployed in public areas within three days, enabling a rapidly expanding infrastructure to meet the needs of car owners. When an electric vehicle that supports Ample approaches the Ample station, the station will immediately recognize the vehicle. After stopping, the driver can start the battery replacement through the App, thus changing the power in less than five minutes.

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