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Apple RED version of the red aluminum Apple Watch Series 9 watch: commemorating World AIDS Day, starting from 2999 yuan

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Thanks to netizen J prodigal ointment for the clue delivery! December 8, Apple issued an official press release earlier this month, saying that to commemorate World AIDS Day, the company will launch a (RED) version of the Apple Watch Series 9 watch, which is now officially on the Apple Store shelves. As of release, the related products will be shipped in 4-6 days. noted that the price of this "red aluminum version" Apple Watch Series 9 is the same as that of other aluminum alloy shell versions, and interested partners can click here to buy it. The price of the Bank of China is as follows:

41mm GPS version 2999 yuan

41mm GPS version + honeycomb version 3799 yuan

3199 yuan for 45mm GPS version

3999 yuan for 45mm GPS + honeycomb version

According to an earlier report from, Apple will also launch a series of red dials for the Apple Watch, such as "palette", "Sun pointer", "Metropolis", "World time", "Monochromatic Digital" and "gradient".

Apple released the Apple Watch Series 9 in September this year, which uses the S9 SIP,GPU to perform 30% faster than the Series 8; in addition, the Apple Watch Series 9 features a "double-click gesture" function, a battery life of 18 hours, an outdoor peak brightness of 2000 nits and 64 GB storage space.

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"Apple launches (RED) red Apple Watch Series 9 watch to commemorate World AIDS Day"

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