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The Florida clown shouted "We need to talk" after appearing in a trailer for the "GTA 6" game.

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Shulou( Report--, December 9 (Xinhua)-- the first trailer for "GTA 6" recently ignited the game circle, breaking a series of Guinness world records such as the most watched and liked on the YouTube platform in 24 hours. In the trailer, Ray Oneda restores a lot of the customs and customs of Florida in the United States, including a tattooed Florida clown.

The Florida clown has a real-life prototype: his name is Lawrence Sullivan, and he became an Internet sensation in 2017 because of a photo. However, Lawrence didn't look happy. He shouted to R Star on TikTok: we need to talk.

You may have seen that character in GTA 6. In their trailer, do you know who the character with the tattoo on his face is? It's me! Just search for "Florida clown" and "Miami clown", if you know what I mean.

GTA, we need to talk! Note: earlier in 2013, Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit against Take-Two, alleging that she used her portrait to produce the role of "Beach Girl" in GTA 5 without her permission.

But in 2018, the Court of Appeal finally ruled by a vote of 6 to 0. The ruling states that the artistic acting is vague and satirizes the style, appearance and character of a modern, young beach girl, which does not reasonably qualify her as the plaintiff.

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