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OpenAI Gongdou is planning its second season: Ilya hasn't been to the company for a week and hired a lawyer

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Shulou( Report--, December 9 (Xinhua)-- the first season of OpenAI's "Palace fighting Drama" ends temporarily with the return of Sam Sam Altman, while the second season may be "coming soon."

According to foreign media Business Insider reports, since Altman's return, another key figure in Gongdou, Ilya Sutskever, has not appeared in OpenAI's San Francisco office.

There is uncertainty that Altman has not placed Sutzkawi after his return, and there are signs that OpenAI employees are not as United as they used to be, and there will be related upheavals to follow. quoted the media as saying that Suzkovi had not been to OpenAI for more than a week and had hired his own lawyer, Alex Weingarten, as chairman of its litigation business.

The report pointed out that OpenAI employees were not as United as the previous joint letter, and that some employees loyal to Altman and Greg Brockmann (president of OpenAI) were dissatisfied with Suzkawi's role in the recall, making it difficult to continue to work with Suzkawi.

In addition, some employees sided with Suzkawi, and it was reported that employees may have been under peer pressure during the signing of the joint resignation letter.

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