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The Avita 12 model will be delivered nationwide from tomorrow, selling for 300800-400800 yuan.

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Shulou( Report--, December 9 (Xinhua)-- Avita officially announced that the national delivery of the Avita 12 model will begin on December 10, which has already been shipped. previously reported that Avita released on November 10 that Dading exceeded 20, 000 units, with a price of 300800 yuan to 400800 yuan.

The car is positioned as a medium and large car with a futuristic design and a dynamic back shape; the length, width and height are 5020*1999*1460mm, wheelbase 3020mm, with the iconic disc wing front face, and the specially designed E-shaped headlamp shape, and the streaming media exterior rearview mirror is optional.

The Avita 12 is equipped with two electronic rearview mirrors with a 6.7-inch HD display screen with a resolution of 1280 to 720; the whole system comes with standard Nappa leather seats, steering wheel, and double 50W adaptive wireless overcharging; and the front row is equipped with double zero gravity seats, both seats support one-button zero gravity, three-gear temperature heating, SPA-level 8: 00 massage, ventilation and other functions, and support remote start.

The car is equipped with a drive motor provided by Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and provides 230kW single motor and double motor before and after 425kW. The acceleration time of zero zero is 3.9s and the mileage is more than 700km.

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