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"League of Legends" will start cross-district matching next week, first tested in the Baron field and the Education Network region.

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Shulou( Report-- December 9 news,"League of Heroes" recently announced a cross-district matching plan. In the first phase, the current 29 regions will be gradually divided into 8 alliance regions according to service bearer, region and operator dimensions. According to the latest news of "League of Heroes," cross-regional matching will be tested on December 11, first in Baron Field and Education Network Region, and then open a small number of regions after the test is correct, so as to gradually open other regions.

As shown above, the first phase of the Cross-Region Matching Program will divide the existing regions into five new Federation regions and three unchanged regions (i.e., Ionia, Black Rose, and Canyon Top). Summoners in the same alliance region will be able to access cross-region matching.

According to the official, cross-region matching will break through the previous regional restrictions, placing summoners from different regions in the same game, summoners in different regions can add each other as friends, team up to play all modes in League of Legends, and summoners participating in qualifying compete for the same leaderboard. For this reason, only the leaderboard of the current season is retained in the game. with League of Legends cross-matching optimization measures as follows:

● Soft rating competition: After all cross-regional matches are completed in the alliance region, considering that summoners in different regions may need to adapt to different game styles and levels of summoners in other regions, the official will set 3 "soft rating" games in the ranking mode. In these three "soft rating" in the victory of the summoner normal points, lost summoner no points. The official goal is to quickly adjust during these three qualifying rounds to position Summoners at the right level in the new Alliance Region.

● High score level settlement: When cross-region matching is officially enabled in the region, League of Legends will record the list of summoners in the current region server season. After the normal settlement of the current season, if the region has opened cross-region matching in this season, then the summoner who reaches Grandmaster or King in any settlement will receive the season ranking reward from the highest rank in the two settlements. Summoners of other segments are normally settled at the final tier of the current season.

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