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Tesla will push the 2023 holiday update next week: automatically call 911 in case of a car accident.

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According to news on December 10, Tesla will release the 2023 holiday update next week, including some major improvements, one of which is that Tesla will automatically call 911 if the vehicle collides and the airbag pops up.

The company announced on Thursday that the update will be released next week, highlighting other upcoming features, such as Apple Podcasts support, back-screen Bluetooth headset support, a parking assist update with 3D visual effects, and a new blind spot indicator.

A video of a blind spot indicator released by Not a Tesla App shows that when a car detects another car, a red flash appears in the lane change camera video, reminding owners not to change lanes. noted that Tesla's holiday updates in the past also brought important features. In addition to Apple Music, Steam game platform integration (some models) was introduced last year, and TikTok and Sonic games were added the year before.

This year's game updates include a tower defense game called Castle Doombad, as well as a more secure back-screen game feature. Tesla had previously put the game function on the front screen, which attracted the attention of regulators.

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