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Knife electric vehicle: build core competitiveness with high quality and lead the development of the industry

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Shulou( Report--

In recent years, electric vehicles have rapidly become the preferred means of transportation for modern people under the background of growing travel demand. Knife electric car, as a popular brand for nearly 20 years, stands out among many electric vehicle enterprises. It has won the trust of the market by attaching great importance to quality and the spirit of continuous innovation. Knife electric car is committed to providing consumers with higher quality and more convenient travel solutions. Recently, with its excellent power performance and excellent quality performance, Qingfeng Xia, the latest representative model of the aerospace powertrain, has rapidly come to the fore and continued to set off a best-selling craze throughout the country.

As the star product of the knife electric car, the aerospace power department Qing Feng Xia is equipped with the aerospace power system jointly developed by the knife electric vehicle and the Tenth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology of China. This system realizes the matrix upgrade of six core components and brings the double performance improvement of acceleration and power. In addition, the Green Vanguard also uses a large capacity battery to ensure a lasting and stable power output.

As the industry's only partner in China's aerospace industry, knife electric vehicles actively promote the transformation of aerospace science and technology to the field of civil electric vehicles. Thanks to the rich heritage of China's aerospace science and technology over the past 60 years, and in close cooperation with many domestic universities and scientific research institutions, small knife electric vehicles have successfully incorporated advanced aerospace technology achievements into the design and manufacturing process of electric vehicles, making its products show leading advantages in all aspects.

In terms of manufacturing technology, the knife electric vehicle adheres to the essence of aerospace science and technology and applies advanced technology to the products. Through precision welding, precision assembly and other processes, knife electric vehicles ensure the stable and reliable quality of each electric vehicle, and provide users with a more safe and comfortable cycling experience.

Knife electric vehicle regards quality control as the core of enterprise survival, and strictly controls all aspects of product research and development, design and production. In terms of material selection, knife electric vehicles always adhere to the selection of high-quality materials, and through the CNAS national laboratory and other strict quality inspection process to ensure the safety and reliability of products.

Take the aerospace power system Qingfeng Xia as an example, it is equipped with aerospace power motors that have undergone two major technological breakthroughs and three core material upgrades. These include breakthroughs in 622-meter three-layer wiring and magnetic current orientation technology, as well as upgrading of core materials such as automotive grade silicon steel sheet, aerospace military grade permanent magnetic steel and H-class enamelled copper wire. In addition, the aerospace power controller adopts accurate intelligent algorithm and precise torque control, and is equipped with imported waterproof air pressure balance membrane and polymer impervious membrane, which achieves the waterproof grade above IPX7 through glue injection packaging process, which can effectively prevent internal oxidation and reduce failure rate.

Knife electric car with excellent quality and excellent power performance for six consecutive years of national sales leading, and aerospace power system Qingfeng Xia as a star product is its strong power output and excellent driving experience, so that users can enjoy a high-speed journey!

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