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Nvidia: besides TSMC and Samsung, I hope there will be a third partner.

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Thanks netizen soft media new friend 1933769 clue delivery! December 10 news, comprehensive foreign media Wccftech, Seddaily local time reported on Saturday, during the recent UBS Global Technology Conference, NVIDIA Chief Financial Officer Colette Kress was asked by the host about the foundry's "diversification" and cooperation with Intel, said,"I think we have a lot of excellent foundry partners. "

TSMC is one of the best partners, and as we all know, our current partners include Samsung. Do we want a third one? Of course, this takes into account their interest in the service.

TSMC in the US may be one of our options, not necessarily different manufacturers, but the same manufacturer in different regions. Nothing stops us from adding another "potential" foundry.

TSMC is expected to continue its important partnership with NVIDIA to produce Hopper H200 and Blackwell B100 GPUs, while Samsung will provide support when additional orders are required.

Compared to other foundry competitors, Samsung has the advantage of its extensive product line of devices that can meet the needs of semiconductor, memory and packaging stages. Not only does this provide nvidia with a "hybrid" partner, but it could also provide momentum for nvidia itself if samsung can offer competitive pricing and delivery times.

According to previously reported, NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun in the first half of this year after attending the Taipei Computer Show keynote speech, In response to reporters 'questions, The company's supply chain will strive to achieve diversification, And this point "Has been achieved so far." The H100 is manufactured by TSMC, and some products are also manufactured by Samsung. It is open to future cooperation with Intel in AI chips.

"You know, we're also working with Samsung, and we're willing to work with Intel. Pat Gelsinger (Intel CEO) previously said that he was evaluating the process, and we recently received the results of their next-generation test chip process, and the results look good,"Huang said.

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