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Zhongshan Municipal Government and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote pilot projects such as the application of Pangu model in the field of government affairs.

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Thanks to netizens Xiao Zhan cut, Mr. Aviation's clue delivery!, December 10, according to the official account of "Zhongshan release", after the opening of the second Digital Government Building Summit and "Digital Bay area" Development Forum on December 8, the people's Government of Zhongshan City and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guangzhou, with the participation of Mayor Xiao Zhanxin and Huawei Chairman Liang Hua.

According to the contents of the strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will jointly build Zhongshan Digital Transformation Promotion Center to help Zhongshan build a demonstration benchmark for medium-sized intelligent cities in China, and promote Zhongshan's high-quality development. Huawei will give full play to its technological advantages and promote the innovative application of advanced technology in Zhongshan by means of joint experiments and early trials.

In terms of cooperation content, Huawei and Zhongshan have launched three pilot cooperation areas, which are sorted out by as follows:

Pangu model in the field of government application pilot: through the Pangu government model to provide government questions and answers and government copy generation.

Hongmeng system and domestic industrial software pilot: based on Hongmeng system to provide intelligent terminal operating system for Zhongshan beauty house, home appliances and other industrial clusters, and to provide Zhongshan manufacturing enterprises with independent innovation core software through industrial software. solve the key problems of industrial software.

IPv6+ government network global model pilot: through the use of "IPv6+" brand-new network technology, to achieve comprehensive coverage of town, street and village, full integration of private network, break down data barriers, and finally achieve global integrated security control.

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