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Amazon asked the judge to dismiss the antitrust lawsuit brought against it by the Federal Trade Commission.

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Thanks to netizen Alejandro86 for the clue delivery!, Dec. 10 (AP)-Amazon's lawyers filed a request with a federal judge on Friday local time to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit filed against it by the Federal Trade Commission, saying the agency was attacking "policies that benefit consumers and competition."

Amazon filed a 31-page document with a federal court in Washington state, arguing that some of the actions labeled "anti-competitive" by the Federal Trade Commission included common retail practices that benefit consumers.

"Amazon matches discounts from competitors in a timely manner, offers price-competitive deals rather than overpriced ones, and ensures first-class delivery to its Prime users," the company wrote in the filing. "the goal of these complaints is to benefit consumers, which is still the essence of competition."

As previously reported by, more than two months ago, on September 26, the Federal Trade Commission, together with 17 states, filed a "historic" comprehensive antitrust lawsuit against Amazon, accusing it of abusing its market dominance to raise prices and stifling competition in what the agency calls "online supermarket markets" and "online market services."

In the lawsuit, the FTC alleges that Amazon engaged in illegal acts in its online shopping platform and many services provided to third-party sellers. enables the company to obtain "monopoly rent" from everyone in its area of influence.

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"the Federal Trade Commission and 17 state attorneys general file an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon."

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