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The chief scientist of OpenAI is in an awkward position, Musk throws out an olive branch.

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Shulou( Report--, December 10 (Xinhua)-- Ilya Sutskever, chief scientist and co-founder of OpenAI, is in an awkward position. Last month, he participated in the board vote to fire CEO Sam Sam Altman, but just five days later, Altman returned to office with strong support from employees and investors.

A recent report pointed out that Suzkovi seems to be in a state of "confusion" and has become "invisible" on OpenAI. Reported that since the return of Altman, Suzkovi has not been in OpenAI's San Francisco office. At a time when people were speculating about the future of Suzkawi, Musk said publicly on social media that Suzkovi should join Tesla or his AI company, xAI.

According to, Musk helped create, fund and attract key talent to join the non-profit organization OpenAI in 2015, and persuaded Suzkovi to leave Google to join OpenAI, which he called "one of the most difficult hiring wars I have ever experienced."

But as a result of a power struggle in 2018, Musk's relationship with OpenAI deteriorated and left the board. Then, in order to get capital and computing resources, OpenAI turned to a profit model and began to accept a large amount of investment from Microsoft.

Earlier this year, Musk publicly criticized OpenAI for deviating from its original intention: "OpenAI was founded as an open source, non-profit organization designed to act as a counterweight to Google, but now it has become a closed-source company controlled by Microsoft for profit. That was not my intention at all."

Suzkawi also expressed regret after Altman was reinstated, writing on X: "I deeply regret participating in the actions of the board of directors."

Musk repeatedly stressed Suzkawi's involvement in firing Altman and said: "I think we should be worried about this because I think Ilya actually has a strong moral code. He really cares about what is right. If Ilya feels that there is good reason to want to fire Sam, then I think the world should know why."

If Suzikwei really chooses to join xAI or Tesla, it will be a major event in the battle for artificial intelligence talent. As Musk said, Suzkawi's arrival in 2015 was "actually an important factor in the success of OpenAI."

It is not clear how Suzkawi will choose his future, but it is certain that his decision will have a significant impact on OpenAI, xAI, Tesla and the artificial intelligence field as a whole.

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