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Test Leopard 5 Expressway fuel consumption 18 V again: never intentionally smear equation Leopard, the official statement "too wronged people"

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Shulou( Report--, December 10, this morning, the person involved in the "Internet celebrity Big V Test Leopard 5 high-speed fuel consumption of 18 liters" said again on Douyin that although he had speeding behavior, there was absolutely no behavior of deliberately smearing the BYD and equation Leopard brands as some people on the Internet said.

The party concerned said that he did have speeding behavior and caused adverse effects. I sincerely apologize here and will resolutely put an end to it later, and have accepted the penalty of Wuhai police: 3 points deducted and fined 200 yuan.

At the same time, he also stressed that if there is speeding behavior, he will admit his mistake and will not evade it, but the video cannot be "interpreted" as a malicious smear of the equation Leopard. "in addition, the official statement of the equation Leopard has really wronged me. They even said that according to EDR data, I have many times of abnormal parking at high speed, which I can't bear." ( Note: EDR full name Event Data Recorder, vehicle incident data recording system)

Equation Leopard's statement showed that three times the speed dropped to zero, I was driving into the service area of the record point. I don't know if the equation leopard did it on purpose, or did it for another purpose.

The horizontal axis of this chart is the time axis, which is so narrow that the curve of the speed drop from more than 100 to zero is very steep, which looks like a sudden brake, but it is actually my record of entering the service area, which is completely normal deceleration to the service area, and the speed drops to zero.

BYD and equation Leopard are all big enterprises, as well as professional technicians and data experts. Is it inappropriate for users of their own brands and consumers to display and interpret their EDR data in this way?

As a result, many netizens were taken with rhythm, followed by saying that I had "slammed on the brakes" many times, and even "created" high fuel consumption by deliberately slamming on the brakes, deliberately and maliciously smearing the equation leopard, which is not true at all. I didn't deliberately smear the equation Leopard at all.

Previously on, the following:

In late November, the big V measured that the fuel consumption of Leopard 5 was as high as 18 liters, which was a far cry from the official propaganda, causing a heated discussion among netizens.

He drove this car from the Huanxian service area in Gansu Province to the Hainan West Toll Station. the whole journey was nearly 400km, and the navigation showed that it took three hours and 53 minutes, but it only took him three hours, and it took him only three hours to refuel and shoot in the service area, that is to say, his actual speed needed to be maintained at 150km-180km/h for such a long time to finish the journey.

For off-road vehicles, faster speed means greater wind resistance, and high speed is not a scene with low energy consumption in the first place, so netizens question Yao Weiqiang's deliberate drive so that his measured fuel consumption is on the high side. At present, the video tested by Yao Weiqiang can no longer be viewed, and the reason is unknown.

The official Weibo account of "equation Leopard" subsequently issued a statement in response to the police's demand for evidence in the case of "2023.11.28 Yao Qiang suspected of speeding" and obtained relevant vehicle operation data.

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