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The domestic upwind power base in the most mainland has been put into operation, with an annual generating capacity of more than 10 billion kilowatt-hours.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past., December 10, according to CCTV news, this (December 10) morning, the 3 million kilowatt wind power project of China Guangzhou Nuclear Xingan, a wind power base on the most mainland, has been put into full capacity to generate electricity, with an annual generating capacity of more than 10 billion kilowatt hours.

According to, the wind power project is located in the old revolutionary base of Xingan, Inner Mongolia Autonomous region, with a total of 701 wind turbines installed. The project can provide more than 10 billion kilowatt hours of clean electricity per year, which is equivalent to reducing standard coal consumption by about 2.96 million tons and carbon dioxide emissions by about 8.02 million tons, bringing significant economic and environmental benefits.

Yang Changli, chairman of China General Nuclear Group, said that the 3 million kilowatt wind power project in Xingan is one of the first batch of Shage waste scenery TV base projects, and it is also the largest onshore wind power base in the first batch of projects. it will provide clean energy to promote the national dual-carbon strategy, economic and social development and rural revitalization in Inner Mongolia Autonomous region.

In addition, the 3 million kilowatt wind power project of China-Guangzhou Nuclear Xingan is part of the policy of cooperation between Beijing and Mongolia. Through measures such as the establishment of a wind power equipment manufacturing innovation demonstration industrial park, the project has provided more than 1000 local jobs and created 400 million yuan in tax revenue.

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