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AI painting ran into classical ancient poetry and couldn't live with laughter.

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Shulou( Report--

What kind of Style would it be to use AI to illustrate ancient poems and classical Chinese texts of "Chinese difficulty level 10"?

Bilibili millions of netizens will tell you: comparable to "soul out of the body", directly can not stop.

What's the specific situation? Ladies and gentlemen, please come to see VCR.

Now what is shown is the famous scene of Li Bai's "going to drink". This is the real 300th cup:

△ netizen: even the sheep are Pleasant Goat, which is "very normal". If you don't believe it, du Fu, the most "out-of-circle" poet, wrote "the Cottage is broken by the Autumn Wind":

As soon as this was made, netizens immediately gave the "highest rating":

It's too abstract, there are really artistic bacteria, Hal's mobile castle Dufu version.

Continue to look down, it is called a touch of emotion, can not help, jing (earth-shaking).

(note: the above works are all from bilibili up master @ pawnshop novelist, authorized) poof! Ladies and gentlemen, do you still have to live here?

Did not expect that one day AI painting will be opened in such a "strange" posture. Now in bilibili, this kind of play has become a popular creative trend.

Why is this game so popular? One or two can be seen from netizens' comments:

"both vivid and abstract", "realistic and magical", "unreasonable and seems reasonable".

Today, qubits will present a special program: connecting AI drawings and Sinology Classics.

We couldn't help trying.

The original author of the work shown in the ancient illustrations of "Soul out of the body" once revealed in the comments section that he was created using Midjourney. Then let's try Midjourney first.

First of all, I would like to present to you the famous scene of "the Source of Peach Blossom":

In the Jin Taiyuan Dynasty, the people of Wuling made a career of fishing.

The edge of the stream, forget the distance of the road.

Suddenly meet the peach blossom forest, hundreds of steps on the shore, there are no miscellaneous trees, fragrant grass delicious, Luoying riotous.

The fisherman was very different and moved on again, wanting to be poor.

How to say that ? Just, it's very normal. In fact, tools such as Midjourney can generate such "beautiful" pictures, which you may have seen a lot before.

But the point is, how can you create that "out-of-body" feeling, 🤔? If you say one, you still like the prompts very much.

After tossing around many times, we finally got a little bit of "essence" with GPT-4,get.

Ahem, Bai Juyi's "Pipa Line" came to challenge.

In the autumn night, I went to the head of the river in Xunyang to see off a returning guest. The cold wind blew the maple leaves and Reed flowers rustling in autumn.

I dismounted and the guests did not have a banquet on the boat, raising my glass to drink but not the entertaining orchestra.

The wine is not happy to drink more sad will be parting, parting night the boundless river reflects the bright moon.

Suddenly I heard the crisp sound of the pipa on the river, and I forgot that the returning guests didn't want to leave.

Let's go straight to the best part:

Gently caress and slowly twist and rub it and pick it up again, and then play the song of neon clothes and feather clothes, and then play 6 / 11.

The big string is as long as a storm, and the small string is as gentle as a whisper.

The chirping sound is interlaced with each other, just like a string of big beads and small beads falling off the jade plate.

Does 🤣 smell a little bit like that?

Let's share our production process.

Take the sentence "I went to the head of the Xunyang River to see off a visitor in autumn night, and the cold wind blew the maple leaves and Reed flowers rustling in autumn." at the beginning, we lost it to GPT-4 and let GPT-4 analyze it. (although there may still be some problems with the parsing of GPT-4, such as "Wang Zhiyi", it has little impact on the later generation of images.)

Then add your own prompt:

Please help me generate a picture in line with the artistic conception according to the description of the above ancient poem, requiring the picture to be exaggerated and abstract, and the output image size at 16:9.

According to this prompt, the picture generated by GPT-4 can be said to be not only normal, but also "beautiful":

The same prompt, try again, is still unstamped:

Next, to "change" the style of the whole picture, you only need to add a little "seasoning":

Please help me generate a picture in line with the artistic conception according to the description of the ancient poem above, requiring the picture to be exaggerated, abstract, anthropomorphic, with a sense of humor, and the output image size is 16:9.

GPT-4 is directly like a "drunk" 🍺 this time, especially at the top:

It's completely different from what it used to be:

One word may turn the whole output of the model in a completely different direction, so it's no wonder that new professions like "prompt engineer" have emerged after the explosion of ChatGPT and so on.

In addition to this kind of play, we also try not to prompt sentence by sentence, but directly ask GPT-4 to generate a comic strip based on a passage in the Book of drunken Weng Pavilion:

Don't tell me, you really don't say.

Of course, there can be more ways to play, such as guess which poem this is according to the picture drawn by AI.

With AI video tools, still images can also be moved:

Written in the last such video after bilibili went viral, as mentioned at the beginning, many netizens commented that AI's matching picture "Wulitou" was reasonable and "both vivid and abstract".

What's more, he even said that he had this kind of picture in his mind when he was reciting.

Some people think that watching such pictures can enhance the memory of ancient prose, while others think that AI painting can not be "excessive" to interpret poetry irrationally.

It is worth mentioning that the author of the video at the beginning of the article, bilibili up master @ pawnshop novelist, also capped a paragraph in the relevant video comment section, which read:

At the same time, the interest is not out of line, elegant and well-known.

So do families like this kind of work? And guess which poem it is according to the picture drawn by AI above, shouldn't it be easy to guess?

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: quantum bit (ID:QbitAI), author: Xifeng

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