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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: support the development of new energy vehicle power exchange mode and relax telecom market access in 2024.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 21, today, the national industrial and information work conference was held in Beijing.

The meeting stressed the need to consolidate and enhance the leading position of advantageous industries in 2024. Speed up the extension of strong chain complement chain and enhance the competitiveness of the whole industry. We will support the development of the power exchange mode of new energy vehicles and do a good job in the pilot area of fully electrified vehicles in the public domain. Strengthen the normative guidance and quality supervision of the photovoltaic industry. Promote the high-end application of rare earths in aerospace, electronic information, new energy and other fields.

The meeting stressed that in 2024, we should focus on high-quality development, highlight key points, grasp the key points, and do a good job in 12 key tasks. Every effort should be made to promote the steady growth of the industrial economy. We should ensure that the policy of stabilizing growth is effective, thoroughly implement the work plan for stabilizing growth in 10 major industries, support major industrial provinces to continue to "take the lead", and do a good job in economic propaganda, policy interpretation, and public opinion guidance. We will deepen the action of "three products" of raw materials and consumer goods, and boost bulk consumption of new energy vehicles and electronic products. We will deepen industry-finance cooperation and ensure services for key foreign-funded projects in the manufacturing industry. Maintain the steady growth of the tobacco industry.

The meeting stressed that in 2024, we should focus on high-quality development, highlight key points, grasp the key points, and do a good job in 12 key tasks. These include raising the level of modernization of industry governance. We will strengthen normative guidance for industries with overcapacity. Implement the standardization pilot project for new industries. We will implement measures for the comprehensive opening up of the manufacturing industry to the outside world, relax market access for telecommunications, and deepen cooperation between bilateral and multilateral mechanisms. We will do a good job in the implementation of key projects such as the training of manufacturing personnel. Strengthen the construction of the Communications Administration Bureau. Support subordinate units to focus on the main business, highlight characteristics, and build core support capabilities. We will strengthen the supervision of the civil explosion industry and do a good job in the supervision of production safety in the construction of the communications industry and communications facilities. Do a good job in ensuring major events and emergency communication services, network security, radio security, and so on.

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