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"Florida Joker" once again shouted R Star: "GTA6" used my appearance, and you have to pay me $2 million.

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Shulou( Report-- December 10 news, Some time ago, R star new book "GTA 6" appeared a tattooed "clown" character, But this character in reality corresponding character_Lawrence Sullivan, That is "Florida clown" I am not happy, And shouted to R star "We have to talk."

Over the weekend, Lawrence Sullivan posted another video on TikTok claiming,"This character is imitating me, see? GTA, we need to talk, you should compensate me 2 million dollars ( Note: currently about 14.34 million yuan), GTA! Planet R! Please answer me! "

It is worth mentioning that yesterday's Arthur Morgan motion capture and voice actor Roger Clarke also shouted to Lawrence Sullivan via video: "They won't talk to you at all. For decades there have been people like you trying to sue them (R stars) who have lawyers and know exactly what can and cannot be done. If I were you, I'd use the 'notoriety' they gave me to promote myself, since you can't get a job with a face like that..."

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