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Kirin Software launches the visual installation package making tool "Star Assistant" to get rid of the command line installation package.

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Shulou( Report-- December 10 news, Kirin Software announced the launch of visual installation package production tool MakeInstaller "Star Assistant", which can completely say goodbye to the use of command-line installation packages, help developers and operators to achieve visual dependency analysis, create visual installation packages / upgrade packages, and so on. Note: star Assistant has adapted to ARM and X86 versions of Galaxy Kirin desktop operating system V10, Galaxy Kirin advanced server operating system V10, and can support multiple international open source Linux operating systems.

Official account of Picture Source Kirin Software (the same below) it is understood that Star Assistant supports visual static dependency analysis, runtime dependency analysis, visual RPATH settings, visual creation application installation package, visual production of source code DEB package, DEB collection installation package, RPM package, SQUASHFS file eight functional modules, different functional modules can be combined to meet the needs of a variety of scenarios.

Examples are as follows:

The user interface user who enables window grouping function by default proposes to turn off window grouping and add window tiling function on Galaxy Kirin desktop operating system based on the original habit. After analysis, to solve this problem, there are up to 14 software packages related to dependencies, all of which need to be installed.

To make a DEB collection installation package using Star Assistant, you only need three steps:

Organize the software packages that need to be installed

Start the Star Assistant to select the "make DEB collection installation package" function, fill in the package information and generate the path, and the tool will automatically use the dependency algorithm to sort the component packages to solve the problem of dependent installation order conflict.

In the package generation interface, you can see the upgrade package information you filled in before, and click "generate" to generate the installation package.

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