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Tesla: it has been ignored for many years. California regulators have acquiesced in its use of terms such as "autopilot".

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On December 10, Tesla is defending the use of terms such as "autopilot" for his auxiliary driving function. In response to allegations from California regulators, the company argued that because regulators had not taken any action before, this was tantamount to acquiescing in Tesla's use of these terms.

Tuyuan Pexels last year, the California Motor vehicle Administration (DMV) accused Tesla of misleading promotion of functions such as "autopilot (Autopilot)" and "fully autopilot (Full Self-Driving)" as self-driving car control systems.

DMV is looking for remedies, which could include suspending Tesla's license to sell cars in California and asking the company to compensate drivers. California is Tesla's largest market in the United States.

In a document submitted to the California Administrative hearing Office on December 5, Tesla said that DMV had investigated Tesla's use of terms such as "autopilot" in 2014 and 2017, respectively.

However, Tesla argued: "DMV chose not to take any action against Tesla, nor did it convey to Tesla that there was or might be a problem with its advertisement or use of these terms."

In addition, DMV decided not to ban the use of similar languages such as "autopilot" when formulating regulations on self-driving technology in 2016, the company said. Tesla said that legislation on the topic also lifted the ban on relevant provisions in the earlier draft of the DMV.

Therefore, Tesla said: "We rely on the acquiescence of these terms by the claimant (DMV)."

But in its 2022 complaint, DMV said Tesla's advertisement exaggerated the effectiveness of its advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) and misled potential customers.

According to Tesla's website, these technologies "require active driver supervision", and drivers need to keep their hands on the steering wheel to maintain "concentration" and "do not allow the vehicle to drive on its own."

According to DMV, Tesla's disclaimer "contradicts the initial untrue or misleading labels and statements, which in itself is misleading and does not correct violations".

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