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TrendForce: TSMC has a market share of 58%, and Intel IFS is among the top 10 fabs in the world for the first time.

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Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery! December 10 news, TrendForce released the wafer foundry market 23Q3 report, showing that TSMC further expanded its leading position, while Intel IFS entered the top 10 list for the first time.

In the third quarter of 2023, the output value of the top 10 wafer generation industrialists was $28.29 billion ( Note: currently about 202.839 billion yuan), an increase of 7.9 percent from the previous quarter.

Among them, TSMC's revenue in the third quarter increased by 10.2% month-on-month to US $17.25 billion (currently about 123.683 billion yuan), of which 3nm accounted for 6%, while TSMC's overall advanced process (including 7nm) accounted for nearly 60% of revenue.

Benefiting from Qualcomm's mid-and low-end 5G AP SoC and 5G mode orders, coupled with mature orders such as 28nm OLED DDI, Samsung's contract manufacturing business had revenue of $3.69 billion (currently about 26.457 billion yuan) in the third quarter, up 14.1 per cent from a month earlier.

In addition, the wafer shipments and average sales unit prices in the third quarter were the same as in the second quarter, with revenue of about $1.85 billion (currently about 13.265 billion yuan).

Although UMC was supported by urgent orders, overall wafer shipments fell slightly, with revenue down 1.7 per cent from a month earlier to about $1.8 billion (currently about 12.906 billion yuan), with 28/22nm 's revenue rising nearly 10 per cent to 32 per cent in the quarter.

SMIC's third-quarter revenue rose 3.8% month-on-month to $1.62 billion (currently about 11.615 billion yuan) due to urgent orders such as smartphones. TrendForce analysts also noted that Chinese customers' share of revenue from Chinese customers rose sharply to 84 per cent, driven by local purchases and a surge in orders for Chinese mobile brands, but Huawei Haisi Kirin 9000S did not contribute much.

It is worth mentioning that Intel contract manufacturing business IFS benefited from the seasonal factors of notebooks in the second half of the year, coupled with its own advanced process contribution, revenue in the third quarter increased by about 34.1% month-on-month to about $310 million (currently about 2.223 billion yuan), entering Top10 for the first time.

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