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Nvidia plans to open semiconductor center in Vietnam

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery!, December 10, the Vietnamese government said that during his first visit to the Southeast Asian country, Nvidia CEO Hwang Jen-hoon said the company "regards Vietnam as its own home" and affirmed its plan to build a semiconductor center in Vietnam.

Huang Renxun said that Nvidia hopes to establish a semiconductor base in Vietnam to develop the country's semiconductor industry, because he believes that the Vietnamese market is an important market.

According to a statement from the Vietnam Planning and Investment Ministry of Tuyuan Pixabay, Huang Renxun and other Nvidia executives will hold a working meeting tomorrow at Vietnam's National Innovation Center (NIC Hoa Lac) in Hanoi. Huang Renxun has held talks with Vietnamese Prime Minister Fan Mingzheng today.

The Vietnamese government said in a statement that "the base will attract talents from all over the world and contribute to the development of Vietnam's semiconductor ecosystem and digitization."

Reuters previously reported that Nvidia has invested about $250 million in Vietnam and is preparing to discuss details of semiconductor cooperation with Vietnamese technology companies and government departments at Monday's meeting.

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