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The peak of the year-end good price festival continues: iPhone 15 2999 yuan limited purchase, Huawei bracelet 8 self-operated 154yuan bottom

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall year-end good Price Festival / 12.12 has now been officially opened, the whole year is good price.

Tmall has no threshold to draw red envelopes once a day, the denomination is up to 8888 yuan, place an order directly as money: click here to draw red envelopes.

Digital good price Huawei bracelet 8 need to get a 9.5% discount Dongguan consumption coupon: click this coupon (available nationwide) Huawei bracelet 8 standard edition can receive 54 Fuhrer single gift discount 154yuan direct link Huawei bracelet 8 NFC version can receive 50 Fuhrer single gift discount after 196RMB direct link iPhone 15 Pro Max self-operated reduction of 1000 yuan, some areas have replenished: iPhone 15 Pro Max self-operated coupons start at 8999 yuan after receiving 1000 yuan coupons iPhone 15 Pro self-operated coupons 7149 yuan coupons "Yueheifenggao" super subsidy will start at 20:00 on the evening of the 11th, friends can go to the main venue by clicking here.

The daily price of the ViewSonic VX2758-2K-PRO-5 monitor is 1199 yuan. Today, has dropped to 849 yuan + 6-phase interest-free. After clicking on the card below to jump to App, you need to click on the floating window at the top right "Live coupon minus 50" to collect the coupon and issue the order: premium VX2758 27-inch e-sports monitor 185Hz+2K HD studio 849 yuan direct link Samsung S34BG852SC 34-inch curved e-sports monitor daily price 6499 yuan, today dropped to 4999 yuan. digital live room (click here to go) shopping bag search "Samsung" can get 400 yuan time-limited coupons, you can pay 4699 yuan + 12 interest-free. If you pay the bill and return the E-card, it will cost only 4599 yuan: Samsung OLED e-sports display 34-inch 175Hz 0.03ms coupon after 4599 yuan coupon vivo Pad2 can also use 15% discount Dongguan consumption coupon: click this coupon (available nationwide), 10 billion subsidy + Dongguan subsidy after the actual payment of 1880 yuan free delivery: vivo Pad2 8G+128G Tianji 9000 flagship chip double discount 1880 yuan direct link red demon 65W gallium nitride charging set 2C1A three ports + fast charge data line reduction 89 yuan direct link realme GT5 Pro 16room1T credit card payment can be reduced by 100 yuan 4198 yuan + 6-phase interest-free direct link plus Ace racing version 12+256GB need to superimpose above Dongguan consumer coupons 1234 yuan direct link Apple 20W USB-C official charging head telecom self-operated 88 yuan direct link Beth camera detector used in all-dark environment if you see reflection, there are camera orders for 2 pieces of 47 yuan direct link * Beth camera detector is more stringent (please consult customer service for details) If you mind, take a picture carefully.

Members good price online disk member Aliyun disk three-year card can start today by paying 328 yuan, equivalent to 109 yuan / year, 9 yuan / month 3.6 discount price:

Tmall Ali cloud disk SVIP three-year card 8TB capacity coupon 328 yuan voucher 566 yuan quark net disk 9-day coupon can start with 135 yuan, about 11 yuan / month:

Tmall quark SVIP annual card is about 11 yuan / month 9 coupons. After receiving 33 yuan coupons, the official price of Baidu online disk super membership card is 298 yuan, which has dropped to 198 yuan from the 8th:

Tmall Baidu online disk SVIP annual card exchange code coupons after 198 yuan 80 yuan coupons social media members QQ series members to promote 50% discount at the end of the year:

Tmall QQ VIP annual card 50% discount official 120 yuan 60 yuan direct link Tmall QQ super member annual card 50% discount official 240 yuan 120 official link Tmall QQ yellow diamond annual card 50% discount 60 yuan coupon Tmall QQ yellow diamond deluxe edition annual card 50% discount official 180 yuan 90 yuan 90 yuan direct link office member WPS super member 4-year package year-end promotion 299 yuan, equivalent to 6.1yuan / month, 73.2yuan / year good price: WPS Super member 4-year card plus 28-day advance sale of 299 yuan to get 20 yuan coupons Tmall year-end good price festival no threshold red packet, once a day: click here to draw red packet.

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