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[open the box] Hisense laser TV 100L8K picture viewing: reshaping the immersion experience of family cinema

2024-02-27 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

Recently, Hisense laser TV 100L8K has been officially listed.

As a leading brand of laser TV, 100L8K condenses Hisense's technical precipitation in the field of laser TV over the past ten years, and is also the strongest comprehensive configuration of Hisense laser products, with the latest generation of LPU digital laser engine, simple design, the highest color gamut in the industry, Harman Catton sound, multiple eye protection technology in one.

In terms of design, the host design of Hisense Laser TV 100L8K is inspired by the Opera House in Milan, Italy, with a square fuselage and a suspended shape.

Hisense laser TV 100L8K mainframe uses gray metal, vibrant orange line runs through the fuselage, there are breathing lights on both sides of the front, breathing light area hollowed out, and wrapped with light gold edges, there are hidden heat dissipation holes on both sides.

Directly above the fuselage is the main light outlet, which adopts an inner concave design, and there is a wire drawing process with strong metal texture on the outside of the light outlet.

This set of meticulous combination design makes Hisense laser TV 100L8K look quite high-end, exquisite manufacturing technology reflects the ingenious quality, placed at home like a work of art.

This is also quite in line with the design idea of Hisense's high-end product line-the proper use of golden elements, which not only highlights the noble temperament, but also does not fall into the stereotype.

Hisense laser TV 100L8K hides the interface at the bottom of the fuselage, in which there is a USB2.0 interface on the lower right side, and the remaining interfaces are located on the rear side of the fuselage, including HDMI × 2, 1-way support eARC,USB2.0*2, optical fiber * RS232*1 and so on.

The remote control of Hisense laser TV 100L8K also adopts the design of the same color as the fuselage, mainly rose gold, elegant texture.

Hisense Laser TV 100L8K is equipped with Fresnel passive anti-light screen, which also corresponds to a 100-inch anti-light screen. While bidding farewell to glare and mirror feeling, realize the immersion of watching 100-inch TV at a distance of 3 meters.

In design, because the screen itself does not emit light, it can achieve the extremely thin body of 15mm, the frame is very narrow, and the back of the screen is also a complete plane, and there is no gap between the installation and the TV wall, just like a mural hanging on the wall, with a stronger degree of integration, which can be better integrated into the home decoration environment.

Hisense laser TV 100L8K eye protection ability, but also from the "0 harmful Blu-ray" advantage. Based on the LPU digital laser engine, the spectral range of Hisense laser TV is very narrow (

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