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The most complete plesiosaur skull fossils in British history will be featured in a BBC documentary.

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Shulou( Report--, December 11 (Xinhua)-- A 2-meter-long "sea monster" Pliosaur skull has been discovered on the Jurassic coast of Dorset, England, which is one of the most complete plesiosaur skulls found so far. This major discovery will appear in the upcoming David David Attenborough documentary "Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster (Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster)." Lead the audience to explore the mysterious world of ocean overlords 150 million years ago.

The fossil consists of several parts, and after being pieced together, the head of the plesiosaur is fully presented, including all the skeletal structures. Amazingly, plesiosaurs had 130 teeth, some of which were even larger than the palms of human hands, with grooves in the back to make it easier to replace teeth for more deadly attacks. According to expert estimates, the bite force of plesiosaurs is as high as 33000 newtons, more than eight times that of lions.

Dr Andr é Rowe of Bristow University told BBC News: "this creature is huge and can prey on any creature that unfortunately enters its territory. There is no doubt that it is like a Tyrannosaurus Rex under water."

Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster will follow 97-year-old naturalist David Attenborough to witness the thrilling process of fossil hunters digging plesiosaur skulls from 12-meter-high cliffs on the Jurassic coast. Scientists and paleontologists will work together to restore the appearance and behavior of the prehistoric plesiosaur through fossil analysis and visual effects, leading us into the marine world of 150 million years ago.

According to, the documentary will be broadcast on BBC One and BBC iPlayer by New Year's Day.

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