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Millet home liquid crystal blackboard 39 inches dark gray on the shelf: no dust pollution, crowdfunding price of 239 yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! According to news on December 11, the 39-inch dark gray LCD blackboard of Mijia has hit the shelves of Xiaomi. Crowdfunding will be launched at 10:00 on December 13, reaching a hand price of 239 yuan. learned that the product has a 98% ultra-high screen ratio, uses 6mm narrow frame design, reduces frame interference, supports split screen cleaning, and can be spliced flexibly, with a splicing of 57 inches for 2 pieces and 78 inches for 3 pieces. It should be noted that flexible stitching means that users can purchase multiple LCD blackboards to display ultra-wide screen horizontally or vertically, and there is no physical splicing between LCD blackboards, such as snap, magnetism and so on.

The product also supports one-click screen cleaning function, customized LCD film, screen without backlight, using natural light reflection to present handwriting, pressure writing farewell to dust pollution, ink dirt, and restore real strokes.

In addition, the product is equipped with a low-power LCD screen, which consumes weak power only when the screen is cleared. If you clear the screen 100 times a day, two No. 7 dry batteries can last 280 days.

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