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Tesla Cybertruck has arrived at the store, and consumers who have seen the real car have given real feedback.

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On December 11, Beijing time, at the Cybertruck delivery ceremony held on November 30, Elon Musk (Elon Musk) went all out to promote the advantages of the electric pickup. But is the long-delayed Tesla's new car really as good as Musk says it is? Some ordinary people may not think so.

Cybertruck Musk in Tesla's exhibition hall is not stingy with his praise of Cybertruck. "this is our best product," Musk said at the delivery ceremony. "the future finally looks like a future." He also demonstrated the bulletproof function of the Cybertruck, calling it "practical". To sum up, in Musk's words, the Cybertruck is better than a truck and cooler than a sports car.

Musk delivers Cybertruck

So, in the eyes of mass consumers, what about Cybertruck? At present, Cybertruck has landed in the Tesla exhibition hall, ordinary people can take a closer look at this strange shape of the pickup. Foreign media science and technology editor Alistair Barr (Alistair Barr) recently went to the Tesla exhibition hall to investigate and interviewed some visitors to listen to what they have to say.

"divorce if you buy it."

Barr, an auto fan, went to the Tesla showroom in San Jose, California, before December 9 to see the true face of Cybertruck.

Barr visits Tesla Exhibition Hall

When the Cybertruck was released, Barr booked one and paid a $100 deposit. But his wife, who has been married for more than 20 years, warned that if he did buy one, they would divorce. It is clear that the two men have serious differences over Cybertruck, and not just because of Musk's controversial comments. People who like Cybertruck take a fancy to its angular features, while those who hate it think it is big and bulky.

It's too big

Barr took his 17-year-old daughter to the Tesla exhibition hall. But his daughter didn't have a good first impression of Cybertruck. "it's just too big." His daughter said. In her opinion, Cybertruck is too big to park. An employee of Tesla's showroom confirmed that the Cybertruck was bigger than the Ford Fmuri 150 and grew a few inches.


In the exhibition hall, a young man in a brown jacket walked up to Cybertruck. 'Cybertruck looks cool,'he said. However, the wife next to him said it was "too big". Barr chimed in that his wife threatened to divorce him if he bought the truck. "your wife is smart and right." The man's wife said. Another woman in the exhibition hall said, "it's too big." it's too big. "

Tesla employees don't buy it.

A young man from Italy stood there looking at Cybertruck. He is an employee of Tesla's German company, engaged in supply chain work, this time because of his work to inspect Cybertruck. He said that after seeing it with his own eyes, he felt that the Cybertruck was bigger, but it was not bad. But he said he wouldn't buy it because it was too expensive.

The workmanship details are not in place.

Figure 5: the rear door panel is not fully aligned with the rear corner panel

A couple from Pleasanton, California also came to the Tesla showroom to see the car. The husband said he didn't like the way Cybertruck opened the door and pointed to the fingerprints on one side of the door. He also said that a back door panel was not fully aligned with the rear corner plate and was a bit out of line. Although he is not a big fan of Tesla, he predicts that Silicon Valley will soon be full of such pickups, and this radical design will become more common. "this is where you want to drive the Cybertruck. This is a big place." His wife said she liked the look of the Cybertruck and was happy to drive it around, although she said she preferred the Model Y.

The price increase is disappointing

A woman in her 50s sat on one side of the showroom watching Cybertruck. She said the design would make people "stop and watch", which is a good thing. "you want people to notice you when you drive by. This is cool. This is very Silicon Valley. Very Elon." But she said she was disappointed with the rise in prices, given the mileage of the Cybertruck. The cheapest Cybertruck model, which costs about $60, 000, has relatively low mileage, which is a problem, she said.

Real cars are better and more compact

A real car is more compact than a prototype.

But not everyone thinks Cybertruck is bad. One customer in his 50s said he had booked one four years ago. He recently received an invitation to buy a car and paid an extra $250. He chose the high-end Cyberbeast model. He visited Cybertruck for the first time and said the real car looked better. "compared with the prototype, they slightly reduced its size and became more compact." He said. His wife stood next to him and said she liked the appearance, though not as fascinated as her husband.

Half and half

A Tesla salesperson said that people's reaction to the Cybertruck design can be said to be "mixed". "50% of people hate it and 50% like it," he said. there's no ambiguity. The salesman offered free on-site test driving of other Tesla cars to those who booked Cybertruck. Those who agree will be ranked in advance in the Cybertruck booking team, which is an in-store benefit, he said.

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