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Acer storage double 12 good price extension, carnival to another wave!

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Acer Storage double 12 good price extension, carnival at the end of the year again! A variety of star storage products, take advantage of double 12 discount just win, high-performance SSD, memory bar, camera memory card. Unlock the new storage experience! spot buying starts at 20:00 on December 9th. High-energy second kill! Post the order and give me an E card! The whole audience is waiting for you to choose and buy!

Speed up and upgrade ideal equipment

Shadow Knight Dragon N3500 PCIe 3.0 SSD

As a full-speed PCIe 3.0SSD, Acer Shadow Knight Dragon N3500 not only reads and writes as fast as 3500MB/s and 3000MB/s, which is enough to meet daily office and entertainment needs, but also provides 2TB with large capacity and strong price to meet the demand of "large quantity and full pipe". In addition, the N3500 uses customized 0.5mm ultra-thin heat dissipation patch, with internal advanced thermal control algorithm, dynamic heat dissipation, to ensure that the high load of SSD does not lose speed. Single-sided particle layout makes the whole SSD lighter, more compatible and suitable for desktops and laptops with narrow space.

For some new machine users with limited budget, or old equipment upgrade, the motherboard only supports PCIe 3.0 specification slots, Acer N3500 PCIe 3.0 SSD is obviously a more cost-effective and wise choice. Double 12 super value per second bargain: N3500 1TB only sells for 339 yuan, 2TB only sells for 569 yuan.

Entry price leapfrog performance

Shadow Knight N5000 PCIe 4.0 SSD

Acer N5000 is designed for the latest entry / mainstream performance platform, using high-performance master control, with high-quality TLC particles, supporting NVMe1.4 high-speed protocol, providing read and write speed up to 5000MB/s and 4400MB/s, much faster than the flagship PCIe 3.0 SSD, you can enjoy the pleasure that high-speed reading and writing brings to office creation, games and entertainment. In addition, in the fragmentary file processing capacity of 4K random read and write, the entry-level PCIe 4.0 SSD also has advantages. Take the Acer N5000 1TB version as an example, the random read performance is almost doubled compared with PCIe 3.0 SSD, and the improvement is very obvious.

If it is the mainstream hardware platform for assembly, the Acer N5000 is undoubtedly the choice of performance-to-price ratio. Acer Storage's first-line quality, five-year warranty + replacement repair, worry-free later use. Double 12 super value per second bargain: N5000 1TB only sells for 369 yuan, 2TB only sells for 599 yuan.

The peak of performance gallop the game battlefield.

Shadow Knight N7000 PCIe 4.0 SSD

The production of 3A game masterpieces is getting better and better, and the speed and capacity of the old hard drives can no longer keep up. A high-speed PCIe 4.0 solid-state drive helps you gallop the battlefield of the game. Acer N7000 is the representative of high-performance and high-capacity SSD, which adopts PCIe 4.0x4 specification. Under the support of high-performance master and high-quality flash memory chips, the read and write speed is as high as 7200MB/s and 6200MB/s, which is close to the theoretical extreme value of PCIe 4.0interface. Excellent performance, so that your computer in games, video editing and 3D rendering, data analysis and other areas handy, one step faster. In addition, the heat dissipation scheme of N7000 is also very outstanding, through the dynamic heat dissipation management of low power controller and thermal control algorithm, combined with high thermal conductivity graphite heat dissipation, efficient heat dissipation and extend the service life of SSD.

The Acer N7000 also offers up to 4TB super capacity, strong performance, and attractive prices to help you show your real strength in the gaming world. Double 12 super value per second bargain: N7000 1TB only sells for 399 yuan, 2TB only sells for 629 yuan, 4TB only sells for 1169 yuan.

There is no compromise on the performance of the installed machine at a low price.

DH100 DDR4 overclocking memory stick

DH100 is a cost-effective DDR4 overclocking memory bar, the main frequency is optional 2666MHz-3600MHz, the timing is as low as CL16, in the DDR4 platform, it can fully stimulate the potential of the system and speed up the computer response speed. At the same time, it provides the choice of 8GB-16GB capacity and sets up a dual-channel 8Gx2 to easily meet the needs of learning, office work, games and entertainment. DH100 is stably compatible with Intel and AMD motherboard platforms, supports Intel XMP2.0 one-click overclocking, and players can easily enjoy the soaring performance experience.

The price is affordable and the performance is online. If the installation budget is limited, or if the old DDR4 platform needs to be upgraded, the DH100 DDR4 memory stick is the first choice. Double 12 is worth a lot of money per second: DH100 3200MHz 8GB sells for only 129 yuan.

High-definition video recording to play video blockbuster.

ASD160 UHS-I high profile image memory card

With the rise of short videos, the demand for high-capacity and high-performance SD cards is also increasing. Acer ASD160 UHS-I high-profile image memory cards are recommended for excellent quality and compatibility. ASD160 supports V30 video speed level, and the writing speed is up to 120MB/s, which meets the stringent performance requirements of the memory card when the camera shoots 4K video, and ensures the clear visibility of 4K ultra-high definition video recording and the stable output of high-speed moving lens when continuous shooting by RAW camera; at the same time, the reading speed is as high as 160MB/s, which can quickly complete file transfer and improve efficiency. ASD160 is widely compatible with digital devices with SD card slots, supporting digital SLR, SLR and compact cameras, 4K cameras and PC. High protection performance, coupled with up to 10-year warranty, to ensure that users have no worries about recording.

Choose Acer ASD160 SD memory card, the perfect companion of cameras, cameras and other devices to record every precious moment. Double 12 super-value-per-second bargain: ASD160 64GB only sells for 79.9 yuan, 128GB only sells for 139 yuan.

Acer storage product performance is strong, excellent quality, affordable, double 12 to promote the purchase of the right! Choose Acer storage to enjoy a faster and more reliable storage experience.

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