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Zhejiang public security cracked the "Internet Water Army" brushing case: a total of more than 11 million brushing orders, more than 21 million false comments and likes.

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Shulou( Report--, December 11, according to the Network Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, recently, Lishuiyun and public security in Zhejiang successfully cracked a "network water army" brushing case, wiped out four "network water army" gangs, arrested 10 suspects, and the flow of funds involved reached more than 2000 million yuan.

In April this year, Yunhe police found clues that there was brushing behavior on an online shopping platform. After investigation, since 2022, suspect Cao and others have developed "exploding X assistants" and other brushing software for the purpose of making illegal profits. By setting up background servers, a large number of e-commerce platform accounts have been sold to the brushing studios of Zhang and Liu., the Internet Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of Tuyuan, noted that these brushing studios paid to provide e-commerce merchants with higher business rankings, credit and user visits in the form of false transactions, thus affecting consumers' judgment when buying.

The criminal gang has a clear division of labor. After receiving the task that the platform merchants need to rank virtual brushing orders, they use the brushing software to log in to the e-commerce platform to extract account information, and bypass the platform security verification mechanism by decompiling and cracking the communication protocol. To achieve batch login, orders, evaluation, likes and other functions, to carry out "brushing speculation letter".

At present, the gang has provided brushing services for nearly 3000 merchants in 12 provinces, including Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan and Jiangsu, with a total of more than 11 million brushing orders and more than 21 million false comments and praises. great harm to the online shopping environment and market economic order.

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