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"Catering takeout" App personal information collection test report released, no call camera, microphone and other permissions

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery! IT House, December 11 (Xinhua) recently, the China Cyberspace Security Association has tested the collection of personal information on App, which is widely used by the public in the "catering takeout" category. This test selected 19 app stores with a total of 100 million downloads of "catering takeout" App, a total of 7.

Tests show that 7 App calls location, device information, application list, clipboard, storage and other system permissions in five scenarios, but no other permissions such as camera, microphone, address book and so on.

The test found that seven App uploaded five types of personal information: ① location information, including latitude and longitude, street address, currently connected Wi-Fi MAC address, perimeter available Wi-Fi MAC address, currently connected base station information; ② unique device identification number, including Android ID (Android ID), OAID (open anonymous device identifier), mobile phone MAC address ③ application list information, including installed, newly installed and newly uninstalled applications on the phone; screenshot operation information of ④ users; interactive information generated by ⑤ users using App, including search terms.

The test results and results of IT House are as follows:

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